Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning...Izzy here now... Mum is smiling big today and she's very happy! Our sister Miss Kitty

is doing so much better with her hair growth! You can still see patches...

 but for the most part it is filling in quite well. The pic above shows some of the spots that will need work and there are two on her rump that looks the same.

 A front close up shows a better shot with good growth. The top of her head looks like she's sporting a...ahem...boy's cut! We are careful not to say this so she can hear it...

for fear it will upset her. Mum put a collar on her just in case for fleas...we had a few...
  Mum use a combination of things including baths massages and oils...but mostly she watches Kitty to make sure her attention is redirected from her habit. 
  Everyone is so pleased Miss Kitty is looking her old self  and we have our Mum to thank...

  Mum says to tell you the internet is on since 7 in the morning and they say it is okay, ever though it has been on and off two times already! Thanks for visiting and reading my post today.

From our place to yours... We all send...
Hugs & Purrs,


  1. Glad the internet is back! We think she looks great and a collar is a great idea...

  2. Glad to hear Miss Kitty is doing well. Have fun kitties.

  3. That's great news about Miss Kitty's fur growing back! We think she'll have her full coat before long!

  4. We are happy for Miss Kitty! Good news!

  5. Hooray Miss Kitty, keep doing good sweet girl!

  6. I am so happy to hear that miss kitty is on the mend.

  7. I am glad Miss Kitty's fur is growing back.
    I am glad you like our new header, but it is Eric who went to the Bridge.We asked Ann to include him because it has always been both of ours blog.

  8. ce sont de bonnes nouvelles, ronrons d'Opale et Sonye

  9. We are so happy to hear that! Good news!

  10. It's so good to hear that Miss Kitty's fur is growing back. Sounds like things are looking up!

  11. Thank goodness Miss Kitty's fur is growing back.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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