Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miss Kitty's Words On Dieting

                         Hey All My Kitties and Woofie Frriends,

Let me tell you how I feel about that "D" word:

", that all we hear from our peeps."  "I hate dieting...the stomach is a terrible thing to waste!" Meow...

                                                       Miss Kitty's Seal Of Approval

An Update: Mummy is sick with flu...we will be back when she is better...Miss Kitty take good care of Mummy. Dad will come visit soon too!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miss Kitty's Demands

Kitty said:
"Mummy...I want my snack now..."  "Yeah I'll pet pampering in this joint..."

Me: "I heard that!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When She's Lost For Words

Good Morning Frriends & Peeps,

When faced with admission and truth, Miss Kitty has "Selective Memory"...

"Kitty, how did that bowl get broken...did you push it off the cabinet?"

"I'm just going to say one thing..."

"Well, I'm waiting...what is it Kitty?"

"I forget..."



Monday, January 28, 2013

I Wonder...

Hey, Miss Kitty here...

I have always wondered... "Do Vets Get Sick Too?" Meow...

Have you ever thought about this...?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lovey & Kitty Have-At-It

I noticed Lovey and Kitty close together today, which is totally unlike them...I can never get a pic of them together because of Kitty's lust for power (to be top-dog.)  
They looked as if they were in conversation, however...
I heard Lovey growls of disapproval. 

Then, true to form, I heard Miss Kitty's words to Lovey...
  "If I needed your opinion, I would have e-mailed you!"

Lovey's response was the deepest growl I've ever heard from her, and they were done so with daggers in her eyes. Are things coming to a head? Is Lovey finally ready to take her position? Will Kitty allow her to reign?

  The plot thickens....!

Update: Miss Kitty is still hiding under the bed! Looks like that smarty pants mouth finally got her in trouble...! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miss Kitty's Words Of Wisdom

Mello Frriends, Miss Kitty here...
Mummy went back to sleep, her head spin, oh, I mean...hurt, po'Mum. Dad watch book aft' feed me, so I write post. Mummy will nag, but, I give good below...

Tol' yu...Good, huh?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Miss Kitty...Her Life

Putting all smarty-pants mouth and jokes aside...

"All in all... I've got a Purrfectly Good Life!"  Now ain't that jus' special...
 Mum here: My little girl is right...she is special, because she is special to us!

  James and I would like to thank you all so very much for visiting us and leaving such nice comments. It really make us happy to see and now know others who love their pets as much as we love ours'.
  Visiting the local shelter here, we see so many abused and forgotten pets who were thrown out of their homes simply because time wasn't taken to know them, love them, care for them...importantly understand they are not human...but animals...who needed training, patience and love from them.  Not physical abuse...simple because they soiled the floor, or, was in the way when tempers flaired and taken out on them...being kicked, beaten or thrown away.
  We have to do more to help with saving these beautiful babies...even if it is only volunteering, donating supplies or cash...these are small steps, but each will make a huge difference in their care. 
  Thanks to all of you for your help, and your love for God's creatures!

Miss Kitty sends her Purrs of Love,
 Warm Regards,
Loretta & James...and the rest of the gang

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miss Kitty's Sense of Humor

Hey Kitties, Woofies & Peeps

Did you pop outta bed this morning?...Where did you land... Hope not on your head! Tee-heeee...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Daddy always said I fudged things when it came to Miss Kitty and that smarty-pants-mouth. Well, things changed just this morning when, they-have-at-it... listen in:

  Kitty pulled down curtains with rods,  from the windows in the guest bedroom. She shredded wrapping paper that was in trash and scattered paper boxed that were ready to be taken to trash...all done while we had breakfast together.

  When daddy walked into the room she immediately spoke up:  "This room is a disaster area!"

Daddy said annoyed: "Then...clean it up!" Turning and walking out...frustrated!

Miss Kitty stunned at his unusual reaction said, "And I use to think he was cool...Jeez!"

I rest my case!

Check out our other blog: At Home with Loretta Here   to see
decor' ideas for your dining room.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miss Kitty Reveals Her Feelings

My Baby finally expressed her feelings to me

Miss Kitty: "Mummy Mummy, MUMMY!"
Me: "Wha...wha...What's wrong...What happened?"

Miss Kitty: "Mummy, I love you madly!"

Me: "Oh frightened me!" I said winded. "I
          thought you were hurt or......"

Miss Kitty: "That's right...go ahead...spoil the moment...
Me: "Oh Miss're incorrigible!"


Monday, January 21, 2013

My Finicky Girl

Good Monday Morning Everyone,
Hope your weekend was a good one. I must say, we had a rather pleasant two days filled with wall-to-wall warmth from bright sun....most enjoyable!

My young lady is at it again...not so much a hungry-strike but just the most finickest eater ever!
  Seemingly, she only wants, and the most expemsive. It is evident she has developed a personal sense of taste and flavor for the finer cuisine...  Lol!

  Me: "Kitty, how's your dinner...would you like to have a bit more?"

Miss Kitty: with a mouth full, looked up only to say..." It's like a mouthful of Joy...Mmmm..."

I am so proud of my girl. Life wouldn't be the same without her!
  We want to thank you all for stopping by to visit and commenting...we just love reading them. Even if you don't leave a comment, your stopping by to browse is also appreciated. Thanks so much to our wonderful followers...
we love having you with us!
  As you go about your daily routine today, we hope that you are filled with Joy & Peace & Love!

Warm Regards,
Loretta & Miss Kitty

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kitty's Long Nap

  I know Miss Kitty hates to be bothered when she's napping...
But I just could not resist the chance to get back at her for waking me so darn early every morning... listen in!

Me: Throwing open the curtains and blinds... "Miss Kitty, time to wake up...the sun is shining...rise-and-shine young lady!"

  She lift her head slowly and blinked her eyes. Did I detect something in those squinted eyes! Oh boy, here it comes...

Miss Kitty: "Wha...what yu'...what the heck does she want now?" She said yawning and looking upset.

Me: "I said...rise and shine Miss Kitty!"

Miss Kitty: "I heard yu...i'll rise, but I didn't say I was  gonna shine!"...   I digress...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Thought To Ponder

There are so many things that make every pet special...
Like, when he/she look at you with adorable big bright eyes;  Purrs or, bump heads...acknowledging their affection for you.  So, the question is:

  "What makes your pet (s) so wonderfully special to you?"

Care To Share...We'd love to know!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Her Words to the Wise...


I Say To You: "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there"... Meow!

                                                            Miss Kitty's Seal of Approval 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss Kitty's Plight


It was a nice sunny day, as you can see from the photo, we were going about our daily, at the computer; Miss Kitty, sitting on her window seat watching leaves blowing.
  Our peaceful routine was suddenly jolted with loud noises and earth-shaking movement. What in the world?...
Miss Kitty was on the alert...eyes widened, ears swiveled, and tail up, when suddenly appearing out of no-where...this monster truck... two of them!
Neither one of us was aware the trucks were in the driveway of our next door neighbor! When the first truck appeared in sight...Miss Kitty flew from the window seat screaming, "Mummy help...terrorist here!"
  She was out of the room and under the bed so fast, I didn't have time to get near her! Although, my thinking wasn't this drastic, it was startling!
  We are on the back side of the house, and our driveways are a bit long from the street, so imagine the noise and rumble those huge, heavy trucks made!
  No wonder my Baby was terrorfied! I had the workmen laughing when I told them they were terrorist to her!


Sunday, January 13, 2013


Good Sunday Afternoon,
 Hope you are having a purrfect day! We had scads of rain last eve, with a nasty thunder storm that knocked out power and downed trees. The temp was around 79 degrees it is in the 30's with NW winds, that makes it very cold here in the South today, Ugh!

  All the pets have been sleeping just about the entire morning with the exception of, you guessed it...Miss Kitty!

  Here she is on the bed in the Bunny Room, where I was lying down reading and she curled up with me there. If you'd look closer in the back of her, I tried hiding my magazine from her underneath the stack of sheets folded from doing laundry.
  We went into the kitchen to eat lunch, and I cleared the table before coming back into the bedroom. Well, I was going to finish the magazine however,  I found it in shreds on the bed. She was acting so innocent...washing up and stopping to look up at me.
 Me: "Kitty, what have you done to my book?" Her dad was picking up the shreds of paper,  and defending her.
Me: "Kitty, you are not to touch my books again!" I said knowing it was in vain. She was as cool as a cucumber as I left the room steaming, "Ugh, that child"...

Miss Kitty:"That's right, I yo' child, and there's nothing yu' can do about it!"
Me: Daddy, did you hear that...that smarty-pants-mouth! Did you hear it?

Me: "Ugh!"
Oh, what am I going to do with her...I have to laugh with them to keep from crying!
  We sure hope you all have had a wonderful week and your Sunday has been inspirational and peaceful. Thank you so much for stopping by and we invite you to come again to visit, because we love having you here.
Warmest Regards,

Loretta & James (Her parents)
and of course...Miss Kitty

Friday, January 11, 2013

Miss Kitty's Thoughts on Love


"People say you can't live without love....

          ...Miss Kitty thinks OXYGEN is more important!"


Thursday, January 10, 2013


Miss Kitty and I will be back tomorrow to visit with you!
Thanks for following us and for your lovely comments!
 You are always come back to visit.

Until Then...
Loretta & Miss Kitty

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can't A Body Get Some Rest

Not according to a assertive Tuxedo cat named Miss Kitty-Kelly!

Me: Yawning, "I am so tired...just 2 minutes, that's all I need!"

Miss Kitty: She was watching from her window perch as her Mummy began to nod...she lay her head down and fell asleep quickly. 
 Purposely, Miss Kitty inched closer, and with the loudest of her voice she could muster, she blared, "Mummy, wake up...yo' gots work to do!!"  Teeheee...purr!

Me: "I-am-going-to-kill-that-cat!!!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miss Kitty Caught In The Act

Good Morning furriends,

  I had to share this with you see the wide-eyes of this culprit? The paw is quicker than the eye...

I have to admit, this pic doesn't portray the actual offense, but the facial expression gives this young lady away with guilt written all over it. 
Actual place of offense: The Kitchen
Where it took place: The Refrigerator
The perp is acussed of: Sneaking/snatching
How does the perp plead: Not guilty...

Me: "Alright...what is your defense young Lady?"
Miss Kitty: "I not guilty...I was want a snack."

Me: "So what did you do?"
Miss Kitty: "I open door and said to myself... I wonder if there any more meatloaf in here?"
Me: "But, Miss Kitty, you didn't just wonder, you ate ate it all! What do you have to say about that young Lady?"

Miss Kitty: Meow..."Miss Kitty plead the fifth!"

Me: "That's what I get for letting her watch Matlock!"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Miss Kitty On Mondays

Me: Miss Kitty  seems to hate is hard for her to get started. Sometimes I feel the same...what about you?

Miss Kitty:

I Hate Mun-days...It hide Sun-days! Who say I gonna shine...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Kitty & Lovey

                                                     Lovey, my Shih Tzu

Miss Kitty and how she feels about Lovey...

  Her is, eh...sister. The girl kept lookin' away, so mummy couldn' get her mug. Who wants to see her mug anyway...
I bigger and i jump on her back and pull tail...she hates it...
 Mummy says she will get that mug later (i say mug)...
by then, I have mug fixed...with scratches, and i rip out them bows too... i no lik' Lovey...her sit in Mummy's lap too much!

i show ol' Lovey...


Friday, January 4, 2013

Miss Kitty's Scare...

The telephone repair man came to repair our phone, and my baby didn't like him at all! She hissed, arches her back and flatten her ears. She hid in the hallway and pounced his ankles as he walked to & fro from outside.

I picked her up to be cuddled and her little eyes were wide as she stared up at me...she started to purr from my cuddling her.  I whispered in her ears and I could feel her little body relaxing.

Miss Kitty: "Man bad...he scarefied me mummy! Boots big...step hard and loud...not like daddy boots." Purr...purr...

Me: "It's ok...mummy's here...I love my baby!" I said as I nuzzled her neck and kissed her.  "Let's go and get a nice treat...would you like that?"

Miss Kitty: "Mummy" ...Meow... then purring louder.

Note: As you can see, we do have some very good times together and she's not always Miss smarty pants...just a sweetie who needs Mummy!

Warmest Regards,

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolution ....


Mummy: "Mmmmm"....

Miss Kitty: "I knew it...another New Year's resolution goes to the dogs...didn't take long...did it!"

Mummy: "Jealous"...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

She's At It Again...

Smarty Pants...

Me: "Miss you want me to give you to granny?"

Miss Kitty: " is so sad...has completely lost her minds...she forgot how much important i am to her!

Me: "I heard that smarty pants!"

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