Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing You A...

Very Prosperous &...

From Our House To Yours...

James Loretta Amanda Lovey Miss Kitty Izzy & Ino

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday's Chase

Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here...

Mum tol' me I would have so much funny if I would only allow Izzy to become my friend...  and boy was she right!

My Sisters chase me all over house. We run everywhere and Mum only said don't break...

Ino run in mum sewing room...her knock down everything and scratch mum's books
her so tired her sit on containers and just look at us...she no move at all! I try to make her play more but she no play...

Izzy so fat her fell on mum's bed and went to sleep...mum say let her sleep and then she will run with you again. 
  Know what...Miss Kitty lub Sisters...so much fun! Dad bought catnip toys and boy was it good...we had burning energy and run like wind.
  Mum say her clean up later because her tired too...Izzy kept sleep on her broke leg and it swollen from her weight...what's that?

Dad will post tomorrow...him say come on back to see what happening at our house with all them girls and 1 man... 

Miss Kitty & Sisters

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy Easy Sunday

See Update at end of Post...

  Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here, at last... 
All everyone gone back home now!!!

  Mum would say Miss Kitty time for your easy and I not want it but...

  Today I glad for the easy...no more running from that galloping pony who try catch us...
but him not can do that!
   My sister Izzy say her easy feels good on mum's bed...that's her up there... 

Ino was under bed so mum tol' me use old picture...her still not too friendly always whapping even the telephone man when him fix phone. Dad laughed at the man cause him yelled out loud! 
  Mum is cooking dinner today...her say her tired of all that food that was cooked wrong for them so, back to their health food...what's that? Oh...Dad say hello to everyone...I luv dad...him cool! 
  Well mum say don't hold you up too long cause you get easy too...see you soon!!

Miss Kitty, Izzy Ino Lovey & Amanda All Girls say... Have a Wonderful Easy Sunday...

Update! I'd like to apologize about the comments not posted...you see, instead of me clicking publish I clicked delete...like a dummie last night when I should have been in bed...So...Sorry....!  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miss Kitty's Musings

Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here...
  I have missed you lot! I have been through so much with all the screaming tiny peeps and especially that big pony in the house... Rico! That thing chase me all times.

Him run Izzy but she too fast. Ino just sit so her can whap him good on the nose! Miss Kitty so tired...mum say they all will be gone tomorrow so I have my easy...I glad. 
  Izzy say her glad too...that pony run only her cause her always down and refuse to hide but,  Izzy tired too. 

 We try to warm up be friend...I even let her post on blog but her no like. Mum tol' me to give it time and we be sister friends soon. You think we will? I no think Ino will, her not friend at all she whaps Izzy too...bad girl!  

Miss Kitty see you soon...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After X-Mas

Meow...my new sister Miss Kitty said she was too tired to post today...so Ino do it!

I don't know why we are not too friendly yet. I don't know what it is but I just can't calm down with her. 
  The woofies I can put up with...my new mum ans dad are good and I am warming up to them, but the mum says I'm still shy.

  Maybe so...but that Izzy is a sell out! Her took mum then, dad into her paw and she's in charge. Meow...she a big suck-up always want it all! 
  Not Ino...I wait and see...but Ino know Izzy not be tops this time cause I got ...Dad...him
on my side...him gots me his girl. All girls in the house and him gots me... I show Izzy....
You just wait and see

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Greetings To All

To All our Furriends, Woofies, Peeps & Beans

From The Thomas House To Yours...

Best Wishes, 
James Loretta Miss Kitty Eno Izzy 
Lovey & Amanda

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Meet Rico...No Easy for Miss Kitty

Dear Bloggers...Miss Kitty here...

See what my Peeps let come in my house... this big woofie! He's the size of a pony
look at that face!

Mum says he's still a puppy and he likes to play...

but Dad won't let that biggin' come near Lovey...he says he'll sit on Lovey and hurt her as big as he is...  

That Rico run like deer when outside. Izzy and Ino are still under the bed. Mandy and Lovey are in the back of their cages because he plays too rough. Miss Kitty stay in bag on bed...no good easy either...
  He is Carly's monster... Mums' grand. Her go to college school. We no like Rico...him too big...When I grow up I be big and not scared of that monster you see...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey Everybody!

 This is James the hubster on here this morning...

  It has been a while since I posted on these blogs...but I knew it would be no rest for the weary if I didn't say something.
  Yesterday was my last day of driving-n- a-hauling...and boy...I'm a happy soul. Now, I hope I can get some rest with all my little darlings running around but I'm a doubting it.
  Ya'll know they's some big gals...I asked Loretta what she fed them...moose bear because thems some hefty critters. Just look at this picture Loretta took...

This one here is Izzy. I told her she needed to call her something else cause i can't say that 
new fangle stuff they come out wit' nowadays. 
This one here is Eno...now who ever heard a name like this one. Sucks what ever happened to Bill Sam or Sally Sue and Billy
Bob...but that's what folks do these days.
  I guess you folks wanna know what this old man say about all these little ones in the house. Loretta knows me better than I know myself. I got a soft spot in my old ticker for them little ones. 

I woke up the other night feeling a load on my bad knee I thought what-the-heck, and there Izzy was with all that weight on my knee. I got a heavy voice so I have to be careful not to scare them. So, I had to suck-up and take it!! My knee hurted all day. Hehee!

 I wish more folks out there would open up their heart and doors to love there little ones. Loretta is an old softy if it was left up to her she would fill the house wit 'em. 

  But , as long as I can help wit feeding and caring we'll gonna take care of these babies  Good Lord willing! Well folks, Loretta told me not to be long winded so, I better listen to that ole' gal before that double barrel shotgun gits pushed up'ginst my back. Heee-Heeeee...that woman is mighty feisty let me tell ya' but we been married  for over 32 years and better, and we'll still kicking strong and loving what we do!  
  Some of the kids have made it in and it is so noisy here I can't here a thing!  Lordy...I don't think I can take it!
  Ya'll have a good holiday and be kind to one another. The weather is startin' up again, bad here and if yours' is too...be careful and keep yourself bundle up, wear a hat so the heat can stay inside...
 I'm gonna go now and git a cup of coffee and a piece of Loretta's pie...I gotta stop her and git her of that leg...let them girls git in that kitchen some now. 

  Ya'll take care now,
This is James here today... See Ya' Soon!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Disagreement Among Sisters

Good Morning All,

Miss Kitty is hiding underneath the bed today. When she heard the girls arguing over the cat tree... 

she high-tailed it out of there fast! E-no, the one on the floor dominated the tree the entire day yesterday. Now, Izzy is in it today.

  To tell you the truth...Kitty wasn't the only one running. When I heard the hissing and that low almost baritone growling, the hair rose on my arms and the nape of my neck! I never heard such a fierce disagreement among any sisters like this! It actually sounds like wild animals. I had to remind myself of their lineage!

We are experiencing this crazy weather in Louisiana again... temp high today 86! Rain, storms expected with tornadoes in the forecast...then it gets cold again! Oh Boy...

Come on back tomorrow and join us as my husband James post and tell you about the new additions to our family. You will enjoy his wit and vernacular...until then...

Warmest Wishes,
Loretta & The Girls...   

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Search Is Over-Thankful Thursday

Through all of this hub-bub... some of our children arriving tomorrow from PA, etc... we managed to stop what we were doing and welcome to our home... these beautiful girls Izzy & Ino...

The white one is Ino...pronounced E-no... as you can see she is very shy and not too happy to be in a new place. 

She has taken a stand on the countertop behind the toaster and small oven and refuses to move...

She makes this know with strong hisses and whapping my hand each time she gets the chance. I'm wearing her down with my effective babying because she came down during early morning to potty and have a drink. What a sweetheart! She's now in the cat tree keeping me at arms length. Lol!

This precious little bundle of joy is Izzy...she won my heart the first night after we came back from getting them. She is very friendly self-assured and loving. It only took just a little coaxing. Why, she even joined us in bed last night and stayed until early morning. What a doll!

They were rescued as kittens by their mum and now at 7 mos. she had to give them up because of being a new mum her job and not being able to give them the care and time they needed.

  Now,  they are our new family members just in time to meet the entire family starting tomorrow! Oh, I am so happy and I feel so blessed to be able to give them love and a forever home! We are certainly going to keep you posted on what's going on in our house with all of them.

Warm Wishes From Our House,
Loretta & All The Girls...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Dear Bloggers,
Miss Kitty ask question...Mum say my chest 

look like mancat chest...a body build...I no mancat chest...do Miss Kitty have body build chest?...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Update On Kitty

Dear Bloggers, Mum is so late getting to the blog today  because she is busy busy doing nothing that I see, but she keeps saying she busy!

She tell me to go and watch for birds eating and get outta' her way... but I see no birds. Maybe her forgot to feed them too! 

I tired again from running Lovey and she went in dad's chair to sleep...her tired too! Mum say I doing better today too. When her get time she will post Lovey and me tearing through the house...mum says like we got turbos' up the butt, MOL!...what's that? 

Lovey say fast motors!...Oh mum...no have that in me....!

Loretta here: 
Just keeping in touch...I'm making beds dusting and vacuuming...I have early guest coming in this week...
Thank you all so much for visiting...please don't give up on us...this was unexpected and caught us totally by surprise! Will get back with you soon...Keep Warm & Safe!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday A New Day

  Monday is a new day for me everyone...
Mum said I have spring in my step and sparkle in my eye...what sparkle? I know my furriends will raise an eyebrow at me, but I had fun with Lovey...running around whole house.

                                Earlier pic of Miss Kitty
 Dad scared Lovey hurt me...but her no hurt Miss Kitty. Mum say when she make fuss (bark) her playing...oh! 
  I excited so we play now too...Lovey too much...whee... I stop running so Mum tell you this, then I take nap...I tired! 

 Mum says she has surprise for us at lunch I know...no fool Miss Kitty...I Smell Meatloaf!!
Num-num!! I want it now...but Miss Kitty a good-girl and wait...maybe!

Loretta Here:
Miss Kitty is doing so much better with redirection and Lovey's help she plays until tired...then she sleeps. I am so happy...

We have another cold day...Keep Warm & Safe...I have tons to do today so we will see you tomorrow... 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kitty's Request Easy Sunday

Good Morning To You!
 Miss Kitty is a little depressed today and doesn't want me to take a picture of her. She thinks she looks bad without her hair...
  However, she assures me she's okay will have her Easy and think about it...she wanted you to see this sweet kitty...


we found on facebook! Miss Kitty and her family wishes you all a Happy Easy Sunday and hope you all are safe warm and cozy!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Miss Kitty Bird Watching

Miss Kitty's plans of having bird soup today are dashed...see what happened...

Dear Bloggers...Miss Kitty here... 
  yu' know I love hear bird and mum put bird in window so Miss Kitty watch...
  They play on ground and I slowly get in my position to...jump them! I watch and they no see me, but I see them...I watch and watch then, just as I jump I no go...Mum!!! Mum!!!
come get this window outta' my way!!!
  Oh dang!...they fly gone!...shucks!...no bird soup for Kitty today...!

Miss Kitty & Mum wish all a Happy Saturday and Keep Warm! No more sickness

                               Best Wishes,

Mum & Me

Friday, December 13, 2013

Miss Kitty's Morning

                         Good Morning...
                 Is it cold where you are? 

I really want to thank all of you for your outpouring of advice and helpful suggestion with help and aid for my baby girl.

I was more upset than I imagined. I suppose I reacted the way Miss Kitty did when I saw those hairless patches! I think we both calmed the other as the day went along.
  Looking at the right side of the pic you can see one of the spots and the other side is the same. She's in a very small gift bag that I was going to use...it belongs to her now, because she's still asleep inside. Bags seems to give her some security and this helps to calm her from grooming. 
  I spent the day yesterday re-directing the urge for her to groom by trying to focus her attention on toys. It worked for short times and it was back to her pulling her hair. 
We will have to go to the next town to shop for some of your suggestions because none could be found here. Time Patience & Prayer ... this is how I will handle this problem. And, if I start to panic or waver...give me a nudge and redirect me...okay? 

Sorry if I sound rushed I have an appt. I need to get to...so, hope to see you soon to visit... 
Keep Warm!!

Warm Regards,
Loretta & Kitty

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've Become Worried

Good Morning Loretta here...

Yes, I am worried now...what started as a small patch of hair from Kitty's side is now full blown hair loss as she continues to heavily groom herself! 
  I noticed her doing this right around the time I had the accident. I also noticed Kitty is not the same since then. She's visibly nervous and jumpy. 

   I've spoken to the new vet at the clinic (Her vet moved and...well, you can imagine what 
I'm about to say... butting heads is not out of the ordinary with the two peeps involved and, from the initial visit!) He said she's shedding...well hello, her entire backside... body!! 
 I've cleaned bathe, changed food and included a supplement, etc.,  but to no avail. I have not found another vet that I  know and confident with after this... one! We had to drive almost 75 miles to the old clinic, so I suppose we will go in other directions looking. I certainly didn't expected to face a jackass as the new vet! 

  My last resort of thinking is, and it is far fetched... she was traumatize by what she witness from my falling and lying on the floor so long. Honestly, she hasn't been the same since... and she watches me when I walk from afar. 
  Using my cane sends her running to hide. When I'm putting on my brace or removing it, she watching intently and always underneath something. 
  Would you say this could be the problem? When she allows me to hold her I can feel the tremor in her little body! I am so worried about her... 
  I learned what I know about felines, and Kitty is my first from the web, but some of you have had years of experience, can you suggest something I can do to help my baby?  Thanks you much...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

                                                            Thumb sucking Kitty

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miss Kitty's Words of Wisdom

Sweetie we haven't done a 'words of wisdom' post in a while...what do you say...you want to give me a good one to post?

NO!! I tired...go away!! Okay but you are really being an awfully naughty little Kitty lately.
 I suppose I was wrong to spoil you...letting you have your way with everything.

"To me Mum...everything you do is
good and interesting!" 

Yeah Kitty I suppose so, especially if its to your benefit, right?  
                             I knowwwwww...!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Miss Kitty Not A Happy Camper

  I thought I would get Miss Kitty out early today to get some nice whiffs since the rain is gone. She actually hates getting her paws wet but somehow went along with the walk by hopping like a rabbit.

  I had to end the walk after a good ten minutes because it was too cold for me and I started to feel it painfully...so, I told her we would cut it short and go back inside. 

  Well, Kitty had other ideas and flatly refused to come back inside even giving me a couple of hisses. Taken aback, I spoke sharply to her, knowing I would pay for it once inside... And, boy did I!!


 The pics are dark because I quickly took them without putting on the lamp! She headed for the chair, but couldn't jump up...
 She just folded her legs over and glared at me. I couldn't remove the leash because she still hissed and pawed at me.

She was so mad at me...she could only pout and glare...Can you believe she sat like this for almost an hour! Her Dad said she's so spoiled until she stinks! LOL!!
I think she only moved because she had to potty...CATS...who can know them!!

Sure hope today finds all of you save warm and as cozy as can be...I know those of you on the east coast received a shot of weather we've been experiencing...Be careful!!!

Sending Warm Regards to all our fur-friends and their faithful parents who are and have been under the weather! Get well soon!!

Hugs & Purrs,
Loretta & Kitty

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Cold At My House!

Warning: "Don't fool around you can fall down!" Miss Kitty had Spoken...

Dear Bloggers,
  Miss Kitty want you to keep warm and be safe 'specially if yu' got ice outside! Dad says it is real slippery...
  We have power now but early tonight it will be very icy. Mum says we might not have any tonight... 

Dad has heat on and Miss Kitty & Mum are cozy warm in bed. Mum say her not move from this spot!

  I keep eye on dad 'cause he say one flash... he did it! Mum in bunny room and I on bunny bed with her; dad watching feetball... silly game they should give that ball a good whap then run to get it...HUMANS!!

  Mum says tell everyone hello for her and dad says, "Hey Ya'll"...him talk funny, why him talk funny?
Keep warm all my dear friends and be very careful outside! 

Warm Wishes,
Miss Kitty and the gang...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just So You'll Know

Update! Thank you all for your well wishes! We are okay, very cold but we have heat and now power... may not get around to you all today!!! Thanks again...XX

Dear Bloggers, If Miss Kitty not here tomorrow...we will be...

'cause that storm did more damage than Miss Kitty ever could...


My Thursday Lax

Dear Bloggers,
  How do you like this title...I have a lot more where this one sprung up! MOL!!
  Everyone listen up...Miss Kitty listen to weather today and a lot of us are in for a wing-dinger storm!!! 

  Peeps gave it a name but I forgot it. So, get ready to snuggle tight and make sure you have a good supply of fancy-feast water maybe some treats too stored in pantry; and two three more cozy blankets!!!

I get ready and wash up make sure all clean
to snuggle...

  Oh my...Miss Kitty did so much work getting ready for storm and starting to wash up... I get so tired! I take nap now 'cause me eyes are heavy...sleep closing them now...I stare to keep open. I...sleep... zzzzz!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I have tol' you one-million-billon times...
What part of leave-me-the-heck-alone dont' you understand...

Keep that blasted thing away from me! The light is tearing my eyes up...cant' you understand.

Okay Miss Kitty, but I want you to understand, I love having pictures of you to frame and put on the tables so everyone can see my gorgeous baby! I promise not to take anymore...soon! Really Mum? Really Sweetie                                            

UPDATE: We have checked with Terry and Brian's blog and he tells us Little Gracie ate her normal amount of food as he handfed her yesterday! 
A Good sign however, please keep them in your Thoughts and Prayers as you know their entire feline family fell ill at once. 

   Mum & Dad has to be exhausted, but cautiously elated with this news from Gracie. Please visit them and offer your encouragement and love. What would we do if we didn't have our Blogging family to rally around when we need them most!!

Warm Regards...
Miss Kitty & Loretta

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Just Not In The Mood!

To My Peep...Mum!
You know how some days you just don't feel like being bothered with anything or anybody? How you always tell me to "give- you-a-break"...Well, today is Miss Kitty's turn and...

"One day i'm going to whap the fire outta' that blame flashy-box!!! I'm-not-in-the- mood-mum!" 
  Look at me...I look like the proverbial...
       "Deer in headlights!"...

Monday, December 2, 2013

This Is Mine

Dear Bloggers...

Each time I make this shelf my own Mum comes along and pile it again with more junk. 

  Well, I take it back...it my shelf...move over doll and lazy boy, this space belong to Miss Kitty...MEOW!!!

A Special Note: We are still keeping Brian and his family in our Hearts & Prayers... please visit them here: Brian's Home. They need our love and support!

Miss Kitty's Appreciation...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Brian's Home

Miss Kitty & I would be remiss if we didn't take the time to mention our Dear Dear friends at Brian's Home...


Little Gracie needs lots of Prayers ...she's very ill with asthma and pneumonia...in fact, Brian and all his other sisters are also ill! As you know, when sickness/viruses start in the home, it doesn't stop until it goes through the entire family. 

Brian's parents are exhausted...mentally and physically I would venture to say. Please, please send them all as many Prayers and purrs as possible to help them get through these hard emotional times. We are here for you all...please know!!

God Bless You All...
From Your Blogging Family!!!   

Easy Sunday...Trying Hard

Hello Furriends & Peeps....

Mum is calling me but I pretend getting my Easy on... I hear her speak to Dad and say Sister Vonetta & grand-Carly will be flying into airport. (I not know Peeps fly...you know this?)

Dad say, yeah...its time for all the children to start coming home. Oh no...Miss Kitty not ready...too many peeps!!! But, I like grand-Carly. Her like Miss Kitty too and I sleep on bed close to her. Her make funny noise and move a lot. Why her make funny noise sleeping?

My Sister Vonetta not like cats too much. Her not bring Lexie, her shih-Tsu Lovey's cousin... whee! They come to help mum before all the others come home. Mum still have boot on foot and leg from her bones...ugh!!

  So, Miss Kitty not too Easy today 'cause I not ready for all these Peeps...but I try hard...really!!!

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