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She..."Spoke To Me" blog, I dedicate to you Mother

  "Our Mom has given us love; endured the pain, the hardships and disappointments of raising five extremely different girls and making them who they are today.
  Only a loving Mother can understand and love them with all their shortcomings. To you Mother...we love you, you are our rock...as sturdy as always."

The Blog
 Welcome to our blog!

  This blog, She..."Spoke To Me" concept is centered around our entire family, with Miss Kitty-Kelly, our Texedo cat at the helm dictating and agitating everything!
  Information is just a click away. We will bring to you, Miss Kitty-Kelly and all her whims...She will definitely be able to post and tell you about her life, friends and musings. We are sure you will enjoy your visits here, and we encourage you not to skimp on your times stopping by. We wouldn't want you to miss anything! So, stop by, join us, become our followers and share in our lives and love of family. Remember, you are always 'welcome' here!

Miss Kitty-Kelly

She was just a little thing when our daughter gave her to us. Someone abandoned her at our local grocery, in a bag, on a very hot summer afternoon. She was such a darling little kitten and needed our love and attention so much! 
  My husband had just had quad-bypass surgery and was recuperating at home. He loved sitting on the front porch watching the kids play in the park. When the kitten walked onto our porch, he quickly named her Miss Kitty, because of  her walk and "sure-footed way"... the little devil walk right into my husband's heart!
  We've never owned a cat, however, Miss Kitty is just what the doctor ordered. With our 2 other pet, Mandy, a Poodle; Lovey, a Shih-Tzu... Miss Kitty-Kelly brings her love and personality to our group...and boy, are we a happy bunch!

Loretta & James

James has been my love, best friend and husband united in christian union for over thirty years. We are now 'empty nesters'. I am a retired pre-school teacher and presently writing a weekly column for our local newspaper. James has returned to work driving rigs/trucks for our Parish Police Jury here in Louisiana.
  Together we have 4 grown children...2 boys, 2 girls and 11 grandchildren...we have been blessed! Although, we have gone through our share of ups and downs, we've weathered the storm, and grown a lot stronger over the years. Of course, we owe everything to God, because without Him we would not have made it! With us, Family comes first...and means everything to us!

  Don't forget, "You Are Always Welcome" here at our place.
Please join us by becaoming our follower and we will follow you too!

"Rich Blessings & Peace Too All",
Loretta & James

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