Monday, June 23, 2014

This Day Is Contagious

Miss Kitty Here Today...

I don't know what has happened to us...
We don't run anymore. We don't chase each other anymore.We don't play anymore and our toys are never out to play either...what is wrong with us?
                                 "Miss Kitty-Kelly"


I think I have the perfect answer to that question Miss Kitty... "Could it be because of all the treats Izzy & Ino manage to come in contact with?"

You know, those very same treats that Ino claimed they happened to have "FOUND" them! 
Now, all of you are..."TOO FAT" to do anything but lay and sit around...If you want to start playing again...Stop raiding/opening the cabinet doors and helping yourselves to all the treats!!!  Especially Miss Izzy.... lock picker!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Evening

  Hello, Miss Kitty here with you this Lovely Evening...

I was porch sitting with mum earlier and now as you can see I am relaxing in bed where it is really cool. 
  Izzy and Ino are with mum in her room... this gives me the chance to get to the keyboard. Oops, I almost forgot how, it has been so long!
 Oh, see how my fur has grown says I am his "Pretty Girl" again! Purrrrr...

Guess What? Miss Kitty has surprise for you too...



Thursday, June 12, 2014


On the Baths...

  It looks as if you are half & half about Ino's bath! What she failed to tell you is the three of them sneaked outside when their sister Daun came over and forgot to secure the door! 
 Izzy is a master-escape-artist with door handles, they got out and went for a hike in the neighbor's street over! We had the hardest time getting them back in!

Ino was the one, because she's the lighter color of the 3, got into the fresh dirt I'd dug for my flowerbeds and rolled! She's easy to convince with bathing...but Izzy and Miss Kitty are fighting tigers...I'm still trying to catch them...yeah my bed is getting all the dirt from them...LOL!!!

  I spent the day trying to finish cleaning up
the porch and front lawn. My neighbor gave me a thumbs up when I finished... as if!  

 I have done too much and now I'm slowing down with back pain...not pretty!! I keep going...slowly, because I don't want to give in to the pain...that's when I get in trouble and can't do anything for weeks! 
What can I say, you have to do what you can to make it nowadays!!

I pressure washed it, now I need to re-stain the rockers. I'm tired of waiting on help that never comes! I can't understand folks now...
you are paying them and they still won't come... when they do...the job looks as if Izzy Ino & Miss Kitty had a hand in it when they are trying to get back at me... haha!

I've taken up enough of your time...I'm really thankful for this time on the you have to fight, as I do in this house for ... everything!!! I think I need to put my foot down...ha!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eno's Plight

Hey to everyone...Ino here again! I sneaked in to post today because...I am in a, how do you say it..."PICKLE!"

 Look at you think I need a bath! (taken Sunday)
Mum is running me around the house to get me in that water! I Hate Baths...but she says I will feel much much better if I get some of that dirt and tongue juices, (yucky) off my fur!

  I don't see any dirt! Do you see any dirt on Ino! No because there is noooooo dirt!!!

 Isn't it enough that I have to sit for her to use that dumb brush on my fur. She is always messing up my "Do"...
  Can you help me buddies and Mum's?!!!
Ino need you now....

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ino Here Today

When Mum told me today is Friday...I could not believe it!

  Is it me or, are the days driving fast by us?
Well, we could not live another day without putting some cool air in our rooms. I tell you, I didn't know what was happening to me until she did so...Meow!

 Talk about hot, and those fans were not working at all! Izzy tried to see what were their problems but without any success. I told her to put that screwdriver away before she cause even bigger problems...they drive me crazy with their mischief!
(they are always getting into no-no things!)  
 Now, the house is so cool and cozy we slept all morning until snack time. Mum has to go shopping for camera stuff one of these days to get new photos of us. She said you wouldn't want to see the same picture. So, I dug this one up from the computer. Don't you think she is pretty?

  From the old house, mum found the children's books from their library but some were scorched...a lot of them were burned.  Her library is gone too! She was so sad because some of them were old and she spent years collecting them...She said they were all priceless!
 Izzy and Miss Kitty just came into the room... they are meowing and trying to take over the keyboard so, I'm going to say good-bye...Meow!

  Mum says to say hello for her and she loves and miss you all! She says to give all the fur-babies a big hug and kiss from us!!

We wish you all a Happy Happy Weekend...

From All Of Us And, Mum-&-Dad too!   

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