Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ino's Problems Resolved

Hello, I love posting on our blog...for me, it is an intellectual outlet where I can share with you my feelings about things. One in particular... that blasted doll!

I know, this again you're saying... I don't want any of you to think that I am  an extremist concerning this problem, far from it! Rather, I love things to be in its place. I don't like disorder although, I can create it with the best of them. That darn doll was had no place in our room!
  Therefore, if you would look closely behind me, you will see I have finally dealt with this 'thing' that has driven me to wild actions ( do you see my hair?) That ole' gal really put up a fight but, being the wildcat that I am...I fought her accordingly...she didn't have a chance...not up against me! I have a wild- cat side that I have to keep held down but, when I need it... it fights to be released and I can't contain it any longer! Mol!!

  No more sleepless nights for me...laying awake wondering if I should do the deed, or not! Well, it is done...I have promptly dealt with it in a manner befitting ...Ino...that's me of course! My fellow feline & canine buddies would have been so happy with the techniques I used!

  Now, I need to let you mum has really had a hard time with all the events that developed with us. Actually, doc threatened to send her to hospital... of course, she protested strongly wanting to stay home with us. He allowed it with stiff stipulations NO VISITORS PHONE CALLS & COMPLETE BED REST! Mummy was emotionally drained. 
  Dad is taking good care of one else says doc or he will admit her in hospital! Now, we don't have anymore visitors... good!! Amanda and Lovey says they are so happy because they hate our doorbell ringing all day.

  Mum says hello and she's feeling a bit better...she misses you all! She will be back when she can; they have put all legal matters into investigators and lawyers care. They are sure is will be sorted and mum will be fine legally. 

Thank you all for your prayers and our furriends for their purrs whines and woofs... we love you all!!!

Now, Ino will go back to her fave spot...after I chase Miss Kitty some more!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Good Morning... 


Just A Note: We are well and I am finally gaining a bit of composure. Honestly, this is the hardest I've had to endure my entire adult life. Oh Lord, where does it end!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Have A Joyful Easy Sunday

Good Morning... 
I'm sorry this may be a long post as I've had lately... I trust you will understand and read between the lines as to the heartlessness we are faced with...

 I don't know where to was a week yesterday when this tragedy happened but it is still bitterly raw in my heart. I think if I can just get the images out of my mind's eye and the realization from within, I would be able to function so much better. 
 I've had to endure so much lately but, I know time and Prayer heals all. Dealing with my daughter and granddaughter has proven to be the biggest challenge. Willie's remains are being cremated since the fire was so consuming and the Memorial is scheduled this coming Saturday because his family had to make arrangements to be here from Florida. 

 We learned the fire started in the kitchen from the was said he was cooking. They thought he was still in the kitchen but was found in the den. From there it has been all speculation. 

  What I can now tell you is... they were living in my Mom's home that she'd given to me, and my belongings were still there... everything important! 
James and I downsized into a home in the city and we planned to keep the country home for those in the family who came to visit. It was an ideal arrangement and the family was so happy with it daughter didn't have anywhere to live. 

 Reluctantly, we opened the doors to this home until they made arrangements...this was three years ago. Now...
  Material things is how I view the lost and I think God we had insurance. I just don't know what will happen to them without saying too much or being over critical. 

 Why is it when things happen you see the raw ugliness and greedy side of people? This is what's tearing my heart out and it hurts more than anything that has happened! 
  I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for your prayers once get through what we will be faced with in the future... seemingly, legal & court!

The girls are certainly enjoying their easy Sunday and hope you are too! 

They send their Purrs to all of you...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Caturday

Good Evening...
Ino with you again on this mild and windy evening. I thought I would help mum out and post for her...she has been busy busy with the insurance adjuster and paper work all day. 

First, I want to share my window-watching experience with you. I thought my sister Miss Kitty was a bit nutty sitting at this window hours at a time and staring in one place.
  Silly me...I learned it has advantages. Now, I've been sitting here for a long while too. Those thing mum call birds are fascinating! 

  She told me they were captivating and they are all those leaves blowing falling and skipping across the yard. This is all so new to me! How did she know I would love this too? Did she tell Miss Kitty and Izzy about it too?

  Dad just told me the curtain will come down on the stage in 15 minutes so I'm going to sit very still and watch with anticipation as this black bird comes closer to me. I can just reach my paw out and touch it...but not today, I want to keep watching before I think about catching it in my paw. You think I can?

Oh, I almost forgot...mum said she will be here tomorrow to let you know about what is going on. Well, until then, I still have some time left...ohhhh, I want to touch it so badly! 

Happy Caturday Everyone!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good  Evening Friends,

  Here's hoping all of you are well. I know the weather on the east coast has been horrific...
please know you all have been in our thoughts and Prayers.

We are all doing as well as can be expected but what I am so Thankful For This Day is... all of the arrangements have been taken care of! 
  People in the community have been so very generous... what an overwhelming feeling of Joy & Contentment we have! In this small town our family is well known by all, and that in itself made the greatest difference. They came in groups with their arms and hands filled pocketbooks and wallets opened. 
  I cried as they reminded us of the things we'd done to help them and how our Dad was the most generous man they'd known. You tend to forget about deeds done, at least I do. 
 They mentioned how this now is the opportunity for them to pay in kind. How Blessed this family is, and how our Dad is still remembered after his death over 30 years for his kindness and generosity!  
 I would like to take this opportunity to Thank All of You for your words of kindness and encouragement, and how you expressed them in a way that brought solace and gratitude to us at our time of need. I will always remember each and every one of you... 

  With tears of Gratitude & Appreciation I Thank You from the bottom of my heart... 

With Warmest Regards,
Loretta & Family 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tragedy Hits Home

Good Morning,
It is with heavy heart that I write this post today...
Yesterday there was a huge house fire at our family home and my son-in-law died in that horrific fire!

He was my eldest daughter's husband. I have spoken of her, and how the Kitties love her, Daun. She is devastated....
 I am numb with pain and grief as I am sure she and her daughter are along with the entire family. They lost everything in that fire. 
 His pet dog Ke-Ke somehow got out but kept running back in that house presumably trying to get to him. We couldn't restrain her she was relentless.  
 Willie wasn't a well man...he had a number of health issues and one of them was balance. His body was found in the Keeping Room and the fire started in the Kitchen. It was a tragic tragic loss.

  Needless to say, I will be away from the blog attending to arrangements and everything. They did not have insurance and we are trying to decide how to handle it all. 
Please pray that we find a way and can get through this loss... 


Saturday, February 8, 2014


Happy Caturday...

A Good Morning to everyone...Miss Kitty here, It has been a while since my sisters Ino and Izzy allowed me to post but, I didn't mind. We are really happy together after a rocky start and I'm not complaining because I enjoy having them around. 

Izzy loves watching TV with mum. I don't know what but, they are always talking about it. Izzy took a nap while mum was on her sew-sheen... What's that?

Ino is a loner... she loves the bathroom sink and bookcases. When you here a loud thump... you know she is pushing books from the shelf. Do you think that's why she's smart...who can say?

Well, I'm one to fave pass time... window watching! There is so much to see and I love watching the birds...I've convinced Ino to watch with me and she loves it! Mum said she will get a pic of us together soon.

My mum wanted you to know my hair is just about done, with the exception of a few patches that need to fill in. Right now, I have a lot of white showing in the black, but she said it is filling in nicely. I am so happy, mum always called me "her pretty girl" even when my hair was gone, I felt special...

All of us Wish All Of You A Happy Caturday Keep Warm & Toasty...
Miss Kitty

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wisdom From Ino

Good Morning,

Ino with you today. Are you having a good day? I sure hope you are...I have decided there is no sense in talking about the weather because there is not one thing we can do to change it, right?

Of course, that is my reasoning however, I'm sure you have your's too!
  Today, I want to offer my feline cousins some good and usable advice, although I do have concerns... that you will hesitate to follow through. Nevertheless, go ahead and read carefully:

"If you furriends are not receiving enough attention from your humans...try knocking over SEVERAL antique lamps"... Ino   guarantee this will get you loads of attention!

Mum: "INO...How could you? Naughty girl.."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

In Mum's Closet

Hello...Izzy here with you today. The weather here is worse than yesterday. Mum said it was 26 degrees now and the wind is really blowing, brrrrr... 
  I'm so glad we are warm and toasty in the house. I went searching for a cozy place to snuggle. The door to the closet was open and when I went in to snoop...look what I found...

Oh she got me good with that box.

  There were so many stuffed toys I didn't know what to do! So, I got into the box...oh my, it was so wonderful. I rolled kicked, it felt so 
good...there are so many pretty colors


I even bunny-kicked some of them. And, you know what I was all alone...yes all alone with them!
 Finally, I grew tired and started to get sleepy but not before she came back with that box! By then I was blissfully happy... and didn't care a bit about that old box.
  That was so much fun I'm not telling my sisters it will be my secret...and you better not tell either.... 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Am Finally Back...

  Miss Kitty and the girls have been frantic because I haven't posted in a while. I'd like to apologize, I have been having trouble with my blog!

                                                           While not having to much to do I cooked

a nice Southern Dinner for James. The girls also have chicken livers cooked in a tasty sauce that they absolutely love. So, I guess we will be eating good tonight, huh?

I'm sorry I got off course... well, I couldn't get anything on my dashboard to work...I couldn't moderate your comments, post or anything. I've spent the day doing all kinds of thing and then, I thought about changing my browser. I did so and with some more hear-n-there things...I found my way back!! Let's hope I'm okay now...

I want to thank all of you for your comforting words after my ordeal. I think that was the most disturbing incident I've ever witnessed...I still shudder when I think about it, not to mention seeing it over and over in my minds eye! I know Prayer and time heals...

It is raining and cold here, they are saying we will have ice and snow this week, again...
Hope you all are well and taking care of yourselves...don't let that ole' flu bug settle in!

Hugs & Purrs To All... 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ino's Caturday

 Hello, Ino with you today...I sure hope all of you are well. Mum is still under-the-weather a bit, Izzy and sister Kitty have been having a ball running through the house like lunatics   

Mum told me to leave them alone and let them have their play time...they will settle down soon. Dad is doing his usual...asleep in his chair with the television watching him, why, I just can't imagine...maybe it's a daddy/man human thing...or, whatever... who can tell with humans?  

  As you can see in the picture above I've been taking advantage of the nice sun rays shining through the window in my room. 

I  had it out again with that darn doll who insist on dropping her little narrow rump on my shelf. I roughed-her-up-some more and dropped her on the floor. 
This time I didn't care about her looking roughed-up...I wanted to teach that stiff-drag a lesson she won't soon forget! That's why I yanked a big plug of that fake hair out!
Sister Kitty scolded me saying Mummy will be upset with me so, she put her back on the shelf. 
Dang...I just can't get rid of that darn stiff. That is one thorn-in-my-side that I plan to... Just know this're- going-down...tonight!! 

Ino has spoken...

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