Monday, December 31, 2012

My Purring Feline

Good Monday Morning My Furriends, Miss Kitty here... Mom took the keyboard away last post...she say "I sorry,"
so i let her hav' again now. Mummy post:

 Hello, I am certainly not going to over step my bounds ever again with this mad-scratching-wildcat I named Miss Kitty... and I thought she was the nices...well, let's just say she is calm, back to her sweet adorable self.
Do you think it could be from the short time she spent on the street with those homeless cats? Ugh!

                                                   Miss Kitty

I talk about my baby, but I wouldn't change a thing about her, as if I could! Hah. I love everything about her,especially the way she curls in my lap and purrs. Yes...

 No other feline expression touches humans on quite the same level as that of the purr. A purr is felt but not heard or, rumbles with the gusto of a mack truck! Most assume the purr serves as an expression of kitty contentment.

But kitty purr, according to latest research, confirms evidence that having a pet improves their health. The saying is: "cats may purr to your hearts content, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and promote opportinities for socialization."

  Miss Kitty's purrs gives me a feeling of peace, confort and contentment. I've read articles that revealed the little scamps can exploit their humans' need for nurture, even manipulate!

  Well, if this is the case...then so be it! Miss Kitty can do all of this and then long as she's happy! But, it can go only so far! Hee-hee-hee!

We have more on "Why Do Cats Purr"... on our Well- Being page click here to read our latest post.

I'm so happy Miss Kitty didn't stay angry with me and I was able to post today.
  I want to thanks all of you for following our blog and visiting again. Come on back and share with us, we love your company...especially your fur-babies!

Best Wishes for a Happy 2013!
Missy Kitty & Mom

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pet Tip Of Today

  Welcome to our Blog! We are so pleased you wanted  to follow us. We, of course,  are not promising to bring the "Kitty Rainbow" to you, but we hope to keep you entertained, and informed with all things...Pet.
  Although, this blog was created with felines in mind, we hope that you will include your canines as well. (Later, when things settle with Miss Kitty, I will introduce you to our doggy-babies...she's upst now.)
We are animal loves and would love having your woofies' too! Miss Kitty is definitely not partial, she let me know from the start...many FRIENDS!

 I've commandeered the keyboard from her today, after literally remove her bodily from it...believe me, it wasn't pretty. Lol! To share our tip for the day.
 This pet tip may or may not, be one that would interest you, however, it will be something to remember in an emergency.

Today's pet tip: Pet Sitters
                                              Miss Kitty
 Pet sitters are dependable people who will give your pet lots of love aand attention while you are gone. They are a great alternative to kennels for cats.

  The cost of a pet sitter will vary...depending on where you live and how frequently you require their services. Selecting a pet sitter you and your cat (s) feel comfortable with begins with an EXTENSIVE interview.

  Our next post will offer a bit of insight about Kitties. We would like to invite you to visit us again, and don't forget to mention us to your friends...we love having  purrfic company like you guys!

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous 2013!
From Our House To Yours...Best Wishes,
Loretta, Miss Kitty & Family

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Words Of Wisdom

Miss Kitty loves sharing her knowlege and asking deep thought provoking question. She says today, she will not bother you with questions, but will offer...

                                 "Words of Wisdom" 

                      "Forgive others not because
                          They deserve forgiveness...
                        But because you deserve peace"...
             Missy Kitty,


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Sad...

I sooo sad...Mommy always say, "I leave paw prints on her heart"...

But, why did she scream when I leave paw prints on her new quilt...  humans, ugh!

Miss Kitty

Monday, December 24, 2012

Miss Kitty Tired Before Noon


It was a morning of  running around the house at break-neck speed with a trail of hair flying behind her; knocking over lamps, dishes off the cabinet and everything in her path! Curtains pulled from the windows...all done in a split second; attacking poor Lovey, with Amanda fleeing to her crate.

James, standing there stunned and wondering, what's wrong with her? What happened...especially since Miss Kitty was as calm as a cucumber...licking her wounds and purring ever so prettily. Then, she calmly fell asleep on her window seat, exhausted from the ordeal!

Seriously honey, what happened to her? Oh sweetie, it was nothing, Miss Kitty just had a cat fit...that's all...

 We are taking some time off to be with family! Wish You All The Best.

"Best Wishes,"
James, Loretta, Miss Kitty,
Lovey and Amanda


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Inspiration From Miss Kitty


 Something You to Remember: " A dog comes when called... A cat takes a message and gets back to you later"...

Miss Kitty speaks again!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Greetings To You All

               Thanks to Everyone!
Best Wishes,
Miss Kitty-Kelly


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Kitty On Strike

"I'm on a hungry strike...daddy bought that awfully food again, Oh-yuck"!

I-want-good -food...I-want-Mommy-food, I-want -salmon!
I want my Mommy's tha...yes, Mommy, Mommy...

Oh Mummy...Mummy cook...yowl, my Mummy can cook! Yowl. Strike over...strike over...YOWL!

Me: Oh Miss Kitty, you are a finicky one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Miss Kitty...Last Word

Hey Kitties, Mommy says I'm lazy cat today. "I no lazy kat...I rest my eyes...Bad mommy"! I'll show her lazy kat...

Oh Miss Kitty, what am I going to do with you!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Kitty's Musings

Miss Kitty has been awfully quiet this morning, even a bit aloof. I wonder what's going through her mind as she stares from her favorite spot. Oh well, maybe she'll come around soon. I suppose we all, even kitties need a bit of time to ourselves.

Miss Kitty: I see Mommy watching me. She wants me to come with her, but I don't want to! I gave her my attention yesterday...'nough already! I'm going to watch the rain fall, it stopped, darn! But the leaves still falling and running on the ground...meow...they are soo funny doing that!

  I hear Mommy calling me again...I'll ignore her...she's at that computer, click...I want quiet today! I need to think, meditate on things, so much to think 'bout; teasing Lovey in her crate, scratching Mom's potato bin...oh soo much!

 Oh, there's my friends from next door. Their mom send them outside in the rain when she leaves. They are "bad" kats in the house. I don't like to be there. I don't want to be in the rain like those bad Mommy makes it warm and dry in my room.
 I'll show it to you later when I finish fix it my way. I pulled down all the curtains Mommy put there...I couldn't see outside. She started to move some things that I wanted out of there, because I started to push it off shelves; that tall chest I love sitting on up high. I scratched them all good! Meow! She told Dad to hurry get busy and finish my room.
 I want it way!

But, today, I'll sit here and watch those funny leaves running on the ground...they are so funny, I think my tickle-box will turn over. I feel sleepy, but no nap now... my neighborhood cats are watching me sitting in the window. I'll put my paw on the window to let them know I see them too.
  "Hey Mommy let's me stay inside...and-you- can't-come-in"!

 Me: I wonder why Kitty has her tongue stuck out! Cats... who knows what they will do next!

Best Wishes,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome To Our Blog!

We are so happy you are here. This is our first post and I have taken over the computer from Miss Kitty.

She is very upset because she wanted to be the first to post. Lol...She'll get over it...I hope!

Well come on in...don't be shy...
We invite you to have a look around checking out the blog to get a feel of what we will be doing here. I'm sure you already know it is all about this little fur ball.

  We are still tweeking a few things and some pages are still under construction...please bear with us as we continue to work. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think.
Miss Kitty and I sat down just the other day when I was done with the paper, and built the site. I found her to be very helpful and her input was spot on!
  Please don't forget to become our follower! 

com' to seees me. Wan' yu' seees me to'!
Oh my, she took over when I went to the phone. As you can see, she's going to be a hand full. Expect a little bit from all of us...crafting, cooking, Miss Kitty's whims and wishes, etc... We are sure you won't be disappointed!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Sending all our love to you all!     me luv yu!

Loretta & Miss Kitty

                                                     Miss Kitty's Seal of Approval

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