Monday, December 24, 2012

Miss Kitty Tired Before Noon


It was a morning of  running around the house at break-neck speed with a trail of hair flying behind her; knocking over lamps, dishes off the cabinet and everything in her path! Curtains pulled from the windows...all done in a split second; attacking poor Lovey, with Amanda fleeing to her crate.

James, standing there stunned and wondering, what's wrong with her? What happened...especially since Miss Kitty was as calm as a cucumber...licking her wounds and purring ever so prettily. Then, she calmly fell asleep on her window seat, exhausted from the ordeal!

Seriously honey, what happened to her? Oh sweetie, it was nothing, Miss Kitty just had a cat fit...that's all...

 We are taking some time off to be with family! Wish You All The Best.

"Best Wishes,"
James, Loretta, Miss Kitty,
Lovey and Amanda



  1. Meowy Catmas from all of us at the Katnip Lounge! Sounds like a classic case of Christmas Crazies to us!

  2. hee hee! kitty zoomies! our Minnie has those regularly :D Merry Christmas from all of us! We hope you have a lovely holiday!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  3. Hope you had a wonderful christmas! Nice that you found our blog, we will follow your blog too.Hugs

  4. Ahhh.. in our house we call that "the crazies"...
    Thanks for coming by my blog. I am now following your also! :)


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