Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Grand-Fur-Babies

Good Saturday Morning...

  Mum and Dad went to shop...what's that? I with Lovey and Mandy..I want to sent post to you and show you what's coming to my house...mum has 3 grand-fur baby's that we will see soon.

Here its Slick and Domino...mancats! They are my peep brothers' name Jason...

Him like window too, but I not allow him at mine!

My brother Jason say they sleep together and sleep a lot

This one is Tucker...mancat too and hiss all time... He like outside until other mancat beat him up bad... brother Jason had to run to pet hospital with he. Him almost went to Rainbow Bridge 2 times!!

Look how him take all space in floor. I not like...this Miss Kitty house!
Mum says no worry they may stay hidden the entire time they are here! She say they in new house and will be a little shy at first. I wish they go back to Penns-syl-vania... whatever! 

 Do you think they will be shy or, will they try take over Miss Kitty house? I no like if they try to take over. If him try I make Lovey and Amanda protect Miss Kitty!

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Day After The Feast

Update: We are so sorry we didn't have the time to visit all our frriends today, however, we appreciate all your comments and a special "WELCOME" to our new followers...
Thanks, Kitty & Loretta

Dear Bloggers, 
Miss Kitty here...How are you feeling today? 

                                                           click on the pics
I tell you Miss Kitty still so full of mum good turkey meat... now I take nap in this warm sun-puddle...oh it feel good and I full...

Before I start my nap...I tell you, Miss kitty was not good girl. I jump on table and eat too much turkey. Daddy was some angry I eat turkey. Why him angry with me...I want turkey too so, I eat?

  But Mum help me...her cut my part I eat off
and save for me and put other part back in oven...her said it would be all new again. Mum so smart...her not angry with Miss Kitty!

Did all my fur-friends eat lots turkey too? Miss Kitty sure hope you did...

Have a nice sunny day...if you have sun today...Meow!

Miss Kitty-Kelly...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miss Kitty's Wish To You

Happy Holiday To Everyone...
 Miss Kitty know you will have a wonderful time having family near and dear, and I wish all of you a Happy Holiday!!

Mum said we all have so much to be thankful for but we all should remember with a grateful heart to give, "Thanks To The Lord"
for without Him we would not be...

Warmest Regards,
Miss Kitty & Family

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weather Woes Today

Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here...I so cold I snuggle in my blankets 'cause somebody keeps playing with the light! The lamp is Mum says ice is probably on the wires and causing the power to go on and off. I want it to stop
'cause it like that old flashy-box thing!

 Mum says her fibro is causing too much pain today so I post. Mom was right I did get food yesterday and I tell you I not eat, but Miss Kitty had good Fancy Feast, and snacks! I sorry I not tell you right....I sorry...(but just a little bit...he-heheee!)

  This is Deja. Mum great-niece. Her visit granny for holiday and her wanted to come see Miss Kitty. I like Deja her love Miss Kitty and give soft belly rubs. Mum said be careful and gentle  Deja...but I not hurt her...she baby too!
 I purr and her clap she funny to Miss Kitty...
  Mom says I have to get off now because the power is starting up again and she want to shut down her c'puter...
so we will see you on the weekend...we are going to granny's house with family!
  Hope you are keeping warm and safe. Wishing you all Blessing for a Wonderful Family Holiday...

Warmest Regards,
Miss Kitty & Deja & All The Gang....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

No Easy Sunday Here

Please know...Kitty did have breakfast and lunch and will have dinner shortly! She's full of glib and loves drumming up support and stretching the truth to get sympathy from you...making me look like the bad guy..."The Big Faker!"   

Dear Bloggers...

How can I expect an Easy Sunday in this dump without something to eat! Mum even not eat...her box cheerios  on floor and... where's the milk?
  She's back in room tearing it up again! Why is her moving everything making daddy work too?
  Peeps...never satisfied with the way things are! Miss Kitty hungry and will never get her Easy on!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

You're The One To Talk...

Dear Bloggers, I need for you to tell a certain clean up her messy desk...instead of....

Nagging me about something I have not done. Ha-Ha-Haaa...not yet anyways...those curtains are mine-all-mine...I'm alert and waiting... Meow...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Miss Kitty's Lazy Day

Dear Bloggers, Look at me...I've turned into a lazy boring-cat something I told myself I would never be. I'm so bored and lazy all I can do is stare at nothing...look at me...what a sad being!

Miss Kitty what are you doing why are you lying there? Get up and play girl... 
 There she goes again...get up and play she always say...but when I do, her start her nagging...nag-nag-nag just like daddy say...

Is there a law against mama's nagging? Well there aught to be! Look at what she's turned me into... I'm nagged a trance! I sooo wish she wouldn't do that... She oughta' know whats going to happen...silly-nagging mama's...ha-ha-haaa!
  What is Miss Kitty so against with that sneaky laugh?...I'm getting ready to rehang the sheers at the windows.  What do you think is going through her mind?...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I've Had a Rough Day!

Good Evening...
  Well it certainly feels that way... because of  Kitty's annoyance with my sheer curtains hanging at the windows. I have been sewing them all and trying to rehang them... 

There are hundreds of windows in this house seemingly, and Kitty has managed to tear down only the sheers, not the drapery from them all! Maybe I should be thankful for this...

I know it will take me another day to complete them, especially if I have to keep stopping to get the three of them out of mischief. 
  My ankle and leg are hurting because I haven't rested enough and the barking and hissing is enough to drive me beans!  I've wondered all day if those three are plotting against me because I'm so busy...this is here:Some Good News ...

  I just wanted to stop a while put up my feet and have some tea. Hopefully I will be back to the blog tomorrow. The days are going by so quickly...I'm wondering if I will have it all done...Knowing James, my hubby, he will bring a lady in to get it done for me. You know, somewhere inside I'm thinking this will be exactly what I need! Let Lovey drive her crazy barking at the vacuum! Lol!!

Have a Wonderful Evening...

Best Wishes,
Loretta & Kitty is somewhere creating madness...  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

                                                               click on pic        

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miss Kitty's Tuesday Lounging

Hi to all my buddies and Mum's Peeps...

Miss Kitty here...I love my Mum's bed! I sleep in my bed, but mum's is so much better. The soft throw is the best. Purrrr...

                                                          Click pics to enlarge
I like to go all over so I leave my scent...I make it my bed. Purrr. Carly no like hair so I take bed from her, her gone to college. She my grand-sister. What's that?...

Now, I get sleepy to much work but first I have to get scent and hair on mom's 'little girl.' Mum talk to her and call her 'her little girl', but she no talk back...her must be no-talker...
what's she?

I like big 'little girl' her is mum's favorite one! See how I can get my scent and hair on her. Purr...her feels good!

Her also have good lap...purr...she no care if Miss Kitty take a nap on lap. She not move...why she not move? I no care her lap is good...I...zzzzz.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Easy Sunday


Mum and Miss Kitty hope yu' have an Easy Sunday! Mom is rest today...lots of company visit her Saturday. She say she see you next week...
Miss Kitty here... 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mum Has Update

                                                    This is a likeness of the fracture

  Mum finally got to see her regular doctor and this is what he found. Miss Kitty feel so bad for mum...I hurt her leg bad but I not mean too! I always play with mum but this time, her not see me... see what happened  (Here)
  She is so kind to me all time and say she love me, but I just not feel right (sniff-sniff). Doc says her not need cast but her got brace to wear 3 or 4 months, stay off leg and take vitamins and pain stopper. She told me it really hurt, but having me there helps her a lot! Mum has tears... 
My Mum so nice...I purr lots to help her pain. Will you help me and send purrs to help Mum's pain too? Thank you...
Miss Kitty luv yu... Goodbye!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We'll Be back Saturday

I'm having to see doctors and have appointments until Friday, so Miss Kitty and I will be back with you then....

"Wishing you  Good Health and Peace"...
Loretta & Miss Kitty

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Toesie Tuesday

                                                                                 Miss Kitty washing on pic to enlarge

Miss Kitty has been giving extra attention to washing herself
lately. I asked her if she was getting ready for company too!
"Meow" sharply delivered was her reply! What could it mean?...

Monday, November 11, 2013

What's She Doing?

What is Miss Kitty doing...did she lose something? Can her fur-friends help her?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Easy Sunday

                                                                    Click on picture
Wow Miss Kitty, when we mention easy Sunday you really get into the mood!! 

Happy Easy Sunday Everyone...
Miss Kitty & The gang

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Miss Kitty's Beat

                                                   Miss Kitty patrolling all windows today 

Miss Kitty is trying her best to patrol every window in the house. Earlier, she spotted a red bird on the branch of our tree in the back yard. I'd notice her alertness and prancing but didn't go to see why until she was swinging from my curtain. 
  I suppose she thinks this is the same bird that would come to the window last winter, and sit for hours on top of the feeder where they both would watched the other.
Oh, how do they do it!

Purrs & Hugs From All Of Us!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Happiness Comes In Two's

Miss Kitty loves doing her "Happy Dance"...Here's an incentive for all you fur-babies to join her...

Happy Friday Everyone! Purrs...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boy She Sure Taught Me A Lesson

  Kitty's cat fits have started again...they usually start with jumping...this gives me time to run ahead trying to move breakables and to duck and dodge!
  Imagine my surprise when I finished and she was standing there looking at me as if I was the idiot .. Geesh!  
  Maybe next time I'll wait to see what she has in mind. The girl is not insane by any means...the little smartypants is just a... mighty good actress...!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If One More Thing Happens...

This is how I am feeling just about now! I've spent so much time trying to find my blogs...
I got online to post and blog were gone! Disappeared...
Panic set in and I did so many wrong things. I worked to no avail! However, today I was determined...I got them back through of all things...Google. I hope I can continue to use this...
I've missed you much! Kitty has too...she's at the computer trying to see you all...   Hugs!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Don't Forget...

  Miss Kitty reminded me to post this evening...I'd forgotten even after she told me several times not to forget! I love this time of the year...time the way the Lord meant it to be before man changed it!
  We sure hope you get a good night's restful and peaceful sleep, and take advantage of that extra hour! 

Sweet Dreams to Everyone...Goodnight!
Miss Kitty & Mom

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