Thursday, February 28, 2013

What is The Problem With Those Two


For reason unbeknown to me...Lovey has been following Kitty closely around all morning.  "That is absolutely brilliant!" I heard Lovey say to Kitty.

Kitty: "Oh you can pay me more attention, more compliment all you want missy...I'm still tellin' Mum your dirty little secret..."

Lovey: No, noooo, no tell!" She cried, as she ran away to hide.
Kitty: "Works everytime...tee hee...I no mind the redundancy!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

She Has Spoken


"When you think you're IT...the cat's meow...think again...
cause lost it!" Meow...

"Miss Kitty-Kelly..."

UPDATE: A fellow Blogger has posted some very good and useful reminders about Safety in the Home, regarding our pets. If you would like to view them click, Here , You will have to translate from Greek to English, etc.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

They Are Always At The Other


My cousin stopped by to visit last eve, and had Cookie, her canine companion with her. Lovey can't seem to get adjusted to larger doggies, (She's a tiny tot) and was instantly ready to get away. She came running to me to lift her up from the floor.  She was visibly shaken by our guest.

Kitty, I noticed, looked on from her vantage point. I just knew something was turning in that little devious mind of hers'. Finally after a bit of clearing her throat she said,

"Sheez...Get a grip would think a panther was on the floor with you!"

Note: None of us said a word about how Kitty flew up aff the floor the minute she saw the doggie! And she has the nerve to talk about Lovey!  Someday that cat will get hers' but good!

Monday, February 25, 2013

What's For Dinner...

 Update: Bread Below...

Good Monday Morning to You...hope you all had a nice weekend! Miss Kitty has gone to Granny's for the day to visit with her. So, I thought I would use the opportunity to share with you today.
   Since this is a family blog, we will, from time to time, muscle our way in to use the computer in order to do so, since Kitty hogs it all the time. Lol! 
  Today, we are sharing photos of what we are having for dinner tonight. I started early today preparing and cooking, a homemade Chicken & Veggie Soup.
  I have homemade bread in the oven to go with the soup. I'm showing it to you now with crackers. When it comes out of the oven I'll do an update to show it to you. Click on pics to enlarge.

I didn't show you the prepare process, however, if you ever want to see how I prepare a dish, please let me know. The soup consist of ckicken, noodles, carrots, celery, onions, peppers, etc. I am from South Louisiana,, but I don't cook with the spicy and hot peppers because of our health. Either way you serve this soup, it is very good on this cold rainy day.

James, my husband, loves Banana Pudding, especially with meringue and whipped topping. This is dessert!
  I love cooking. I also cook for the pets a treat or reward. I always prepare them for it by telling them I'm cooking dinner for treat! They all wait around in the kitchen sniffing the air until it's time to eat. Yeah, I know...they are some spoiled little brats!
  If I can get Kitty back home without a fight...she will be back tomorrow her usual self. So, until then...

Wishing You All A Lovely Week...

I'm sorry it took so long, we had a thunder storm with some strong lightning, so I had to turn off everything, especially my computer. The bread came out before the storm intensified. I baked two loaves and will carry one to Mom when I pick up Kitty.

  Thanks for stopping by today. Until then...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Sunday Everyone

"From Our House To Your's"
James, Loretta & Mandy, Lovey and Kitty-Kelly...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Miss Kitty-Kelly's Remarks On Weight


"Miss Kelly, I think you are gaining a bit too much weight..."

"I not over my weight mummy...I under my tall!"...

"Oh Kitty, leave it to you to screw it all up....sheez!"

Friday, February 22, 2013

Miss Kitty has Update

    "Pleeze look at Mum's post from the mornin'...
Miss Kitty do update... you'll see... ya, you'll see....."


A Word of Advice...

From Miss Kitty-Kelly...

                  Peeps... "Never Trust A Cat Who Smiles...."

Mummy didn't want me to be sassy to grown-up or dispute their word...but, I didn't listen...Miss Kitty show yu' Cats smile just like everybody else!...


                                            Her smile big!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just A Note...


Miss Kitty and I will be taking a bit of time off from blogging. We have a deadline to meet and have interviews scheduled that will take time.
  Hopefully, we will get back with all of you on Friday after the paper is put to bed. Thanks so much for your continued support! Miss Kitty sends her love to all her frriends!

See you soon...
Warm Regards,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitty's Kitchen Knowledge

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen preparing some Honey- Mustard-BBQ wings for our dinner. Miss Kitty is always in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking.

  I always talk to her, telling her what I'm doing and asking her questions about cooking.
  She ran into the kitchen and jumped upon the bar stool and announced, "Hey Mummy, make mine deep fried"...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday's Quote


Today..."It's time to let go, let go of everything that's bringing you down. Don't let negative circumstances deter you from the wonderful things life has to offer. If it's not uplifting it's not worth it."

I would like to take this time to "Thank You" all so very much for your support and kindness of visiting & following our blog.
  We have enjoyed visiting, reading your post; meeting and getting to know you; importantly...getting to know your wouderful pets! We look forward to more interactions as we become acclimated. 
 Again... "Thank You for your Warm Welcome into the Pet Blogging Genre! 

"Wishing you all an "Inspirational Day!"

From Our Family To Yours...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Words With Substance


Some Peeps complain always...they complain about the weather, working, living, everything! Fact: "If you don't work, you don't eat!" And that's truth!

  Me and my fellow fur-friends give you Peeps these words with substance:
           "Live Like You Mean It"...and quit yer bellyachin'... You ingrates....

                                                        Miss Kitty Seal Of Approval                                              

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kitty's Words of Wisdom


Most Peeps think the world owes them but Miss Kitty and all her frriends tells you now, and you can handle it...

"Really, there's no Victory without ...Effort!"  Meow....

Miss Kitty's Seal of Approval 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miss Kitty Window Watching

Another of Kitty's past times is to watch for her dad to come home from work each evening...

Kitty: "Mum...Mummy, daddy's home!"

Me: "No he's not honey, its too early!"

Kitty: "He is here Mum...see!"

Daddy: "Hi honey"...

With her catly perception she knew he was coming home even before he drove down the driveway!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Watching Videos...

Kitty is fascinsted with videos. She goes to the computer and just sit there waiting for me to play her fave...birds...
everything birds!

She starts watching sitting on the keyboard shelf

Then climbs on the desk

"Gotcha," she says trying to catch the birdie

When it ends, she always want to know, who took her birdie! See how she looks around as if they were taken... hahaa...!

Thank you all for your words of care and well wishes...
Now that things are calm, for now on this homefront, recovery should be smooth sailing now! Thanks a bunch...

Loretta...Her Mum


Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Kitty has been avoiding me since that horrid day, and rightly so! Please indulge me:
  With skills beyond what I thought were her capabilities... she arranged a social affair that rivaled any other! (See our previous post.) She was able to do so without our knowledge or, without having knowledge of making charges...or so we thought!
  One has to question... How did she do it? How was she able to arrange this affair without any help? One only can wonder...
I've always know she was gifted, however, this is absurd!
  I would like to say she learned by observing me daily but, this will be presumptuous, wouldn't it?  I wonder...!    

   With this being said... Miss Kitty's wait is over. Listen in...

Me: " What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"

Kitty: "Mummy...Mum...uh... I am a victim of circumstances... I lonesome for you mummy! sniff-sniff . I don't have play with you anymore..."  

Me: "I know baby...mummy has been ill with this flu and just didn't feel know...tummy sick, head hurt, fever (hot) you understand? When mum feels better she will play with Miss Kitty."

Kitty: "Now!" 
Me: "Tell you what, come get in bed with me for now and I'll read that story you like about blind mice. Would you like that?"

Kitty: "I sorry Mummy! I didn't know...."

Me: "Yeah I will be grounded indefinitely! No more friends here, parties and going outside without me! You are getting off know...! And Kitty, I want all my charge cards back now! 

Miss Kitty: "WHAT? Mummy...NO!"
Me: "Kitty!"
Miss Kitty: "Just gravy train just derailed!..."  

Note: Me: After her tearful explaination, what was in my heart to do with her, was easier!...I know...she did it to me again!
Have you noticed...she always get the last word...sometimes I think... I'm the 'victim of circumstances'.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miss Kitty Gives A Party

  Miss Kitty thought she'd throw a party while Mum's out of commission, and dad at work. Lovey and Mandy tried to talk her out of it, but she swore them to secrecy with revenge.
Her Peeps didn't know how she managed to get all this done, especially since Lovey and Amanda didn't seem to have a clue.

She hired a Dj, special party favors, and food way-over-the-top!
They set up on the patio where the music was so loud the neighbors complained and threatened Miss Kitty with the law.

All her guest and a few questionable uninvited cool-cat danced hardy! 


They fooled and cat-around until the females arrived dressed to stir-up trouble. The females even got busy dancing. By then, the party moved onto the screened porch and a few were in the den ... which was off limits to them all!  Suddenly, the boys got rowdy...

then started fighting over the prettiest gal, things really got out of hand quickly. Miss Kitty could not do anything with them, especially the questionable characters that were uninvited... the party got rougher as she lost complete control!

Punches, blows; scratching, kicking, screams, spitting and hissing...the male cats created mayhem. Those that were not in the fight, scattered...

On top of the refrige

Under couches, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, tables... anywhere they could squeeze small kitten even hid in the grand's doll house when her Mom left her.

Oh my, just look at all this destruction! Pillows shredded, couches and chairs torn, books, and magazines too. Things broken, with only one lamp standing. Miss Kitty ordered them all out of her house...too little, too late! She was close to tears, as she scanned the devastation in Mum's house.
She hadn't noticed the Kitty on the floor behind the chair until she heard a faint meow...  "Oh no...get up boy!" Miss
Kitty said alarmed. She knew she was faced with real trouble now. She thought, but was too upset to figure out what should be done.

"Mandy." She said aloud. "Mandy will know what to do." She ran into the pet room and talked, no pleaded with Mandy to help her. Amanda wasn't  going to get mixed up with any of Kitty's schemes. Her peeps knew she was a good girl and would never do anything this drastic. Mandy was her usual demure self.
She did tell Kitty how to get the pet doctor to help the Kitty, because she didn't want him to be in pain; then, she told Kitty, "You're on your own...go away!"  Amanda washed her paws of the entire mess. She warned Lovey to do the same. However, they changed their minds and went to Mummy with the entire story.
  Kitty was in deep now, and they both wondered how she would worm her way out of this one. Teeeheee, Teeeheee... they could be heard after leaving Mum's room.

Note: Miss Kitty's fate will be revealed at a later date. Stay tuned...

Note: Pics are from Bing. Please disregard any mistakes in this post. It took me a while to get it together.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mischief Again

Miss Kitty fleeing the scene...

Not a very good shot because she's running however, if you look closer you will see this is the bathroom.
  Kitty loves this room...I don't know if it's the room or, the different temptations that draws her to it. I always keep the door closed, but this day a friend forgot to close the door.
  Enters, "The Paw". Seemingly, she goes right to my powder and the puff. She takes the puff out and when she finishes, powder clouds the entire room before she's discovered.

  Me: "Oh, Kitty...not again...just look at this mess"! I cried.
Kitty: "Oops, gotta go!" She says, running for cover.
  I just didn't feel up to cleaning this mess...the bathroom was a disaster area. I closed the door and went back to bed, leaving this one for daddy to tackle. He will not be happy...

Hello Friends...I am still feeling under the weather. Hopefully I will get better soon so I can visit with you. I think Kitty needs to do so to keep her out of trouble. Have a Good Weekend!
Loretta & Kitty

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thanks To Everyone

To all our Kitties, Woofy-Frriends; Peeps, Visitors and Google Friends...Thank You much for following us, and most of all, your wonderful comments of well wishes!  I'm sorry I'm not able to thank you individually for following us and our blog at this time, but please know...we appreciate your being here and doing so. I tried to fight this flu bug, but was not successful by any means. It is awful!

  My daughter is posting this for me today, however, with the way it is going now, it will be a while before I can get back to blogging.
 Miss Kitty is a bit upset with me, because she says she will do the posting on her own. I'm not ready, nor am I able to defend myself before every agency in this country because of her smarty-pants mouth...I feel ill just thinking about it! Lol!
  So, when I can get someone to help me, then I will have them to post for me if possible.

  Thank you once again for supporting us, and allowing us to get to know you and your darling fur-babies! I will miss, for now, reading about them; and your sharing with us.

We wish you all a wonderful week to come! Be safe and warm until we see you again!

Warmest Regards,
Miss Kitty & Mum

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thank You...Have a Good Day


Happy Sunday Everyone,  Miss Kitty here...
  How are you enjoying your day? It is a nice warm, 68 degrees here in NW Louisiana. I have been enjoying the sun and watching the birds and squirrels playing in the yard. Dad raised the window and I heard how happy all the birds were...and how they filled the air with their songs.

  I miss has the door closed and I can't get in.
Mummy said she missed me the pass day, and she open the door for me. I was so happy, I lay down beside her and let her rest.  She said she was glad I came to see her because she missed me so much!
  I love my Mummy, and I' be so glad when she get out of bed. She stay in there too long and Miss Kitty lonesome!  Kitties will you help me...tell Mum to hurry and get out of bed to talk to me, read me story, and play games...I miss her!

  Thank you for always visiting me and Mummy here. She always read me your words from the 'puter...I like it!
She told me she would visit with my friends when she's better. So, she will be back soon!
  Dad had to work early today, but he came  home quick...he sleeps to much!  Lovey mad with me because I play trick, and now she barks at me, and Mandy won't talk, she wont look at me. Miss Kitty all alone...I want my mummy!

Oh, wait, mummy...I hear mummy calling...she wants me to come here! Mummy! Bye now Kitties and too, peeps. Mummy call me to come stay with her! Meow...



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Miss Kitty On Beauty

Morning All,

Miss Kitty's Dad here, helping my little girl with her post today, she's comical on...

Miss Kitty: "They say 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

                                                                      Pic from Bing
then, they must be; have to be blind as a bat with this one...."

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Word To The Wise...

Today is Friday...What does this mean to you? For
means the same as every other, sleep and be merry!  Miss Kitty...


Her (Peep) Big Sister: "Come on Miss Kitty...stop playing around and get back to the subject."

Miss Kitty: "What subject...I have no subject?"

Sister: "Mummy said you were to give me one of your 'word to the wise' sayings for me to post."

Miss Kitty: "You do it Sis...I'm sleepy."

Sister: "I'm calling Mum...!"

Miss Kitty: Alright, alright...blabber mouth...!  A Word To The Wise...
   " Anyone who believes what a Cat tells him, deserves all he gets..." Teee-Heeeee...get it!

Sister: "I don't know how Mum puts up with you and your sassy mouth... Ohhh!"

Miss Kitty: "Another one bites the dust!" Heeeee...

Good Morning,
  I'm posting for Mum today, and Dad will the weekend. She's not feeling well with that flu bug, and Kitty refuses to leave her. Dad says he will have to take her from her bedroom so she can get some rest. We'll have to see about thiss one!
  Thanks for stopping by to visit...we are glad you are here!

Have A Great Weekend...
Miss Kitty & Sister

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