Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thank You...Have a Good Day


Happy Sunday Everyone,  Miss Kitty here...
  How are you enjoying your day? It is a nice warm, 68 degrees here in NW Louisiana. I have been enjoying the sun and watching the birds and squirrels playing in the yard. Dad raised the window and I heard how happy all the birds were...and how they filled the air with their songs.

  I miss has the door closed and I can't get in.
Mummy said she missed me the pass day, and she open the door for me. I was so happy, I lay down beside her and let her rest.  She said she was glad I came to see her because she missed me so much!
  I love my Mummy, and I' be so glad when she get out of bed. She stay in there too long and Miss Kitty lonesome!  Kitties will you help me...tell Mum to hurry and get out of bed to talk to me, read me story, and play games...I miss her!

  Thank you for always visiting me and Mummy here. She always read me your words from the 'puter...I like it!
She told me she would visit with my friends when she's better. So, she will be back soon!
  Dad had to work early today, but he came  home quick...he sleeps to much!  Lovey mad with me because I play trick, and now she barks at me, and Mandy won't talk, she wont look at me. Miss Kitty all alone...I want my mummy!

Oh, wait, mummy...I hear mummy calling...she wants me to come here! Mummy! Bye now Kitties and too, peeps. Mummy call me to come stay with her! Meow...




  1. reste près de Mummy Miss Kitty.
    Bonne semaine, ronrons
    Opale et Sonye

  2. Miss Kitty, you give healing purrs to your mummy, so she can get up soon. Plenty of lovin' and snuggles! xx

  3. We hope your mum is soon much better so you can get lots of snuggling time again.

  4. Sending purrs for your Mum to get better soon. xoxoxo

  5. We're purring your Mummy feels much better very soon. Have you been purring to her?

  6. Dear Miss kitty
    You are such a beautiful girl, and you have a lovely heart.
    Take good care of your mom okay!
    I'm sending good energies to you all.
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  7. So nice to meet you Miss Kitty! Im so sorry your mom has been sick. Our mommy too has been really sick a lot in the last year. A lot going on at once. When it rains it pours. We hope to start blogging more here real soon. Mom just needs to get better. Menopause is kicking her butt. Woo wee! Its bad! Hopefully things will get better soon. Can't wait to get to know you. We always like making new friends.
    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper,Marley,Clarkie and our stray cat Foggie

  8. Nice to meet you Miss kitty. So sorry your mom is sick. Our mom too has been sick a lot this last year. We hope to get back to blogging soon. Can't wait to get to know you.
    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper,Marley,Clarkie and our stray Foggie


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