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We all become very attached to our companion pets throughout the course of the relationship.

Companionship and attachment...combined with emotions, financial and physical investments with our pets, literally shape the bone you have with them.
  They offer to us unconditional love and are involved in our daily lives as we embrace them as family members. When this special bond is broken, we experience a wide range of emotions. In some instances it is harder than losing a human family member.
  I learned these emotions are normal and actual grieving when I lost my beloved Ashley my mini-Poodle. (Read my story about us.) You may experience pain, loneliness, anger, despair, even relief. Don'r be ashamed to express these feelings...they are part of the grieving process. What's more, holding all this in, can lead to incressed stress, even complicating the grieving process.
  I admit, I really had a tough time...crying, screaming, and eventually...depression. I missed my baby so much! What really helped me to get through was to talk about him, the good times we had and the things he did to make me love him more. My husband and surprisingly, my family doctor were very helpful...really listening to me a sif they knew and felt my pain and loss. I even shared pictures of him with my doctor. He was wonderful.
  Believe me, it really helped me through the hard times! That's why I have created these page...in order for you to send us a story of your loss and a picture. 
"Contact Me" by clicking on the Email icon to send  it.
Note: (Please limit your word count to 250 words per story. Thank you.)

"We are very sorry for your loss, and hope by sharing your story  it will bring comfort to you and your family"

In Loving Memory

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  1. My precious Admiral. A Tortie whom I still miss with all my heart and still love. I can barely think of her without pain of loss. Katie Isabella is just as precious to me. It is heartbreaking to we humans who bear the losses.


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