Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Easy Sunday

  Hello Everyone, Ino here with you this evening. 
 Have you had a nice Easy Sunday? I sure hope you have, and I want to let you know my day has been just super great!

I've had time to sit and contemplate about a number of things because I found a very private spot without any intruders. 

  Sisters Izzy and Miss Kitty have spent their day taking it easy...napping the day away. Mum spent the day with us...cooked us some mac-n-cheese with Kitty's favorite... Meatloaf! Izzy and I agree with her...Mum can make some goooood meatloaf... 

  She brushed us several times and tried to clean our teeth...our fighting and scratching didn't deter her, but she was not pleased with us afterwards. She called us "wild barbarians"...Izzy and Kitty asked, "what's that?" And giggled a lot because it sounded funny...silly girls!

We are so happy Mum spent the day with us and what a lovely day it has been...after all, Easy Sunday is the best day of them all!

Sure hope all of you are having a Wonder Day Too!!  Now I'm going to nap...I'm sleepy. Bye for now...meow!

Purrs, Ino

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Musings

Good Morning, how are you today? Izzy with you now. I am so glad to be the first one of us to post on the blog because it has been a while for us!

  I'm waiting on Ino to come in the room...she's been pouncing on the two of us since very early in the morning. She's upset with us because mum only spent a little time talking with us and eating breakfast together before she went to the country house yet again!

She spends so much time away from us now and we miss her much, she's explained why but sometimes we need her here to cuddle! Mum let us see the pictures she's taken but I  could only get one from her.

She said the hardest part is picking through the ashes. This pile is from the large ceder chest and in the throw away pile. If it didn't burn entirely, it had burn spots and can't be used.
Bedding curtains, comforters, towels bath sheets etc., all gone!
  I'm just as sad as Mum, because we didn't get the chance to go to her family home for a visit.  
  We are all doing well she wanted me to tell sisters and I are so happy mum have all of you! We purr much when she talks of you and tell us about all your comments.    Miss Kitty & Ino have spotted me here and now I have to run. 

Have a Great Monday,
All The Girls...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Are Continuing To...

We suppose you are thinking all sorts of things about the folks behind the scenes here at. "She Spoke To Me"...
  Please don't...for my three girls have done so and have been quite vocal about it too! But, as the sign says above...I am, really I am, forging ahead daily!

Weather conditions here have been the biggest problem... rainy stormy...just awful weather! We woke today with temps in the low 30's...freezing just above us, and it has been windy and cold all day! What is with this unpredictable weather? Health wise...I'm a mess! But, I'm forging ahead trying to deal with all that must be done. 

If I don't get back with you as often as I have been in the past...please know this is why. I'm still sifting through the ruins and takes time trying to salvage things... especially when I pick something up that belonged to one of my children, then, I have to fight back the tears trying hard not to completely breakdown...I haven't done so yet...It was such a huge loss, however...I'm forging ahead!!! In a hurry have to go to Services tonight so I might have mistakes...

The girls send their meows & purrs but mostly saying how they so miss you all...

Wishing you all a pleasant & peaceful weekend...
Loretta, Miss Kitty Izzy & Ino

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