Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easy Sunday

Good Afternoon Friends,

 Miss Kitty with you today...I suppose I've gotten carried away with having my sisters posting each time. I just don't know how to explain it because I am still so happy they are here. The playing time in itself is fantastic...not to mention sharing and spending time together!

                               "I just don't know why she took this with me in mid-air! Has to be a head thing!"
However, I know it is time now to get back to work as mum puts it!  She is still working on the computer...but if you should see that ole' virus sign it could be because she needs more work done. She said she has Norton... someone mentioned it. 
  Her drivers need updating...(drivers? What are drivers and why are they in mum's computer...I guess I need to ask Ino, she'll know, she knows everything!!!) But I'll have to wait because those two are sound asleep!
  Mum shouldn't have said anything about Easy Sunday!
Now, I'm going to my fave place and start my easy Sunday... Hope you all have a great one!!!

Miss Kitty

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just An Update

Hello Friends Miss Kitty here...I thought I'd post in between my washing up and cleaning my nails, hope you don't mind my doing so. 
Mum said her computer is acting up again...she got a message from one of our friends saying a virus was on our site. 

Well, Ino Izzy and me tried to sniff it down so we could throw it out but that ole' virus must have hid from us, because these three noses didn't find it!! 
  Mum said to keep looking and we would get it soon. She says we're having a virus catcher coming to help us so we'll catch that critter soon. 
  Take good care and wish us well finding that thing because mum is worried she said it could be a hum-dinger!!!

Purrs from Us... 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Wishing You All A...

We are enjoying some great whiff and good smells from the window mum opened for us today...The weather is what she calls 'sweater weather' and birds are everywhere!!!
Hope you are/can enjoy Spring too...

From: Miss Kitty Izzy Ino & Mum... Happy Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

Thanks To All!!!

Hello Friends,
  We sure hope you all have been well! The girls are very upset with me because of my lack of posting...

I am so tired up with insurance agent adjuster etc., until it is almost impossible to get "anything" else done. I'm now trying to find help with bringing down the shell/house and cleanup...
 Still working with Fire Marshall and trying to secure a complete release, code inspectors, etc. 
 I've gone back and forth sending information and faxing papers, etc., and I'm still sending even today. Where when does it end!!

Just wanted to let you know we are here and this is what's going on...we hope to visit more soon/when possible!!!

Until then...Have a Great Week!
Izzy Ino Miss Kitty & Loretta

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Izzy here...
   I'm so tired from wrestling with Miss Kitty, as you can tell by looking at my appearance...that girl never tires...  

   I have to run fast and jump on top the entertainment center to get away from her! She's not a high jumper, but the girl loves to wrestle and play! Wow-whee, today is Caturday and time for a nap...have a nice...ZZZzzzzzzz...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ino Loves Trouble

Good Morning Friends

I don't know what it is about Mum's kitchen but I love sitting on her countertops. I heard her calling for me and I didn't make a sound...on no, here she comes...I hate when she disturbs me in my favorite hiding place.
  "Ino where are you? I know I saw you come into the kitchen. Where is that girl?"

She's looking on top of the refrigerator, now on the washer and dryer...I love sitting on the dryer when she's using it because it is so warm. Silly Mum...the dryer is cold now!
 Oh no, she coming to the cabinets again!

"Ino, I have looked everywhere else so you have only one more hiding place..."

She's coming closer...oh now she's moving the toaster oven. Now the can opener...she's almost here...I'm in big trouble...She's moving the toaster...omc...she's here!!!

"Ino there you are...I knew you were in here...what are you doing behind there...mummy told you not to..."

Oh not the dreaded warnings again I hate it...Yes I know all that stuff mum, but I love love the hiding places up high.

"Now you go in your room and climb your tree and shelves..."
Yeah yeah I know...I'll be a good girl...yes mum...sheesh, she does go on-and-on, I'll be good...until I get another chance...then I'm going back there again...I-love-it!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Izzy & Ino's Boring Day

Good Evening, I couldn't figure why these two girls were so

bored today. They didn't want to play with their toys or, play chase with Miss Kitty. 

Izzy sat on my bed with such a sad face...each time I would talk to her she would only look my way. 

Ino was the same as she sat on my sewing storage. She was so down-and-out!

So, Mum to the rescue!! I went into the kitchen and started preparing what I knew would perk them up..."Fried Fish Cakes"! Look at Izzy in the second pic and Ino in her second pic! 

When I yelled, "Fish Cakes Girls" they came running!! I found they loved them when I cooked them for supper one evening. I changed the ingredients and added only baked trout or white perch with a whipped egg in a little milk to bind the cakes together, added parsley flakes, a pinch of salt and black pepper, then drizzled olive oil over mixture and stirred to bind. (Not for us only them.)
  I shaped the patty then fried in a medium-high frying pan in either canola oil or olive...I used olive. (If fire is too hot lower the temp.) Cool, break in bite size pieces and let them have it!! (Miss Kitty is not as fond of them so I'll have to give her just plain fish.)
  I call this a 'treat' however they don't have it often because of the egg even though it is cooked.  I don't have to tell you how much this changed the moods and the movement in the house, right? No more boring day for those two...  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mellow Monday

Ino has been purring a lot lately. When I went into their room today I couldn't believe how she'd rearranged my curtains around the corner shelf. I went ahead and removed my poor doll from that spot and now, she is always there.

 I've wondered why she turned wild cat on my doll pulling out her hair and roughing her up. Did I miss something? Did she tell you why she did it? 
  I wonder about this young lady...seems she's developed this queen like mind-set...look how she's draped those curtains!!! 
Do I detect a hint of Cleopatra? Lol!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

  Today has gotten away from me with having so many errands and doctor's appointments.

Hope you all have had a good one. The girls are upset with me because I was gone so long. Izzy, of course, is walking her figure-eights and meow like crazy because she wants to post.

Ino and Miss Kitty are sailing around the house having cat fits and knocking over everything in sight! Lovey & Amanda are whining to go potty and for a snack. The phone is ringing...

 Oh my, what's a body to do!! We got so far behind because of the fire then, the insurance adjuster lawyers and     investigators I haven't had a chance for personals. But, I have good news, seemingly, our worst legals are being our favor, and the others will follow suit!!!

Can you imagine...his folks, coming out of the woodwork screaming foul play and trying to have me arrested for his death, and he destroyed my home!! We think the suit was filed the day after his death...we are so glad the law               
prevailed! But, I am deeply sadden that he is was a  horrible way for him to go.... something I would never wish on anyone. I have not, and I will not have any ill feelings against my son-in-law Bless him!!

I need to get the gang settled in so I'll see you later or      tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by, and to our new followers...thanks so much for following us...we appreciate your being with us...hang on it might get a little bumpy. lol! 

Wishing All of You A Lovely Evening...                                        
Loretta and the Gang                                                                                                 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Miss Kitty

  Look closely and you'll see Miss Kitty's coat/hair is still growing has been difficult trying to keep her from her habit of over-grooming and hair pulling. It covers all over, but now needs to grow out. Let's hope it continues to do so!!
Have a Great Wednesday Eve...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weather Woes...Will They End?

Good Morning

 Izzy Has planted herself and commandeered the keyboard today. I could not remove her from this spot with her grabbing everything in sight. She said it was her turn to post and she was not leaving ... so, this is what I'm seeing as I type. Lol.
  I'm looking out of my windows and doors seeing the sheets of ice from the rain last eve  without much complaining, because i know our friends up north are going through so much more than this. 
  For us here in Louisiana, it is a big deal because we don't see this often. Schools were closed because the streets and roads were hard sheets of ice.

This is out our back steps going down to the garage, as you can see it is a downward walk.

The roof of the garage is completely white and the girls are fascinated by it from the windows. 

Our front lawn is also an incline and iced. I know where I'll be for the next few days, I don't ever go outside when the weather is like this ... risking another fall would be awfully bad.
  We have another night of this and cold, then rain again. What weather we all have had this winter!
  I would be remiss if I did not tell you all how much I have appreciated your wonderful comments, prayers, love and concern during our time of loss. Each time I'd read them I would always find just the right words to give me solace and strength to help me and my family, especially my Mum.
Of course the pain is still there, but I can cope so much better now because of friends like you! 

Thank you all Dear Friends!  Wishing You A Wonderful Tuesday!

Loretta & Family

Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Evening Everyone

  Miss Kitty with you today...have you missed me? 
Well, I tell you...I have missed you too! It is almost impossible for me to get near the keyboard when my sisters almost come to blows over it daily...meow. 
Instead of going through their drama, (Mum's words) she will not allow either to have the keyboard. (Do you have to act lady-like to do so? to me too!)
 Good news for us (Purrs)...Mum got out of bed today showered and dressed! She told us she'd had was time to buck-up!         Oh no...we have to hurry and clear away toys then, hid other things under the bed! Ino staged a food fight with kibble last is everywhere!

  The curtains are torn, the blinds are askew, paper shredded... our room is a mess! We can't possibly get it done before she comes in... Hurry! 

  "Izzy get back there and guard the door!" M Kitty.
 "Meow, shut up don't tell us what to do!" Izzy. Miss Kitty still clearing away things ignored Izzy for the moment.
"But, I do!" Ino said. "Now get back to that door and pull your load...lazy butt!"
  "I'm telling Mum..two against one, no fair!" Ino.

Mum listening in: "There is no doubt about it, I have missed my girls!" 
 Hello... and, I have missed you all too!
Have a Great Evening...and if all goes well, I will be back Tuesday...

Big Hugs & Lots of Purrs,
Loretta & The Girls


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