Friday, March 7, 2014

  Today has gotten away from me with having so many errands and doctor's appointments.

Hope you all have had a good one. The girls are upset with me because I was gone so long. Izzy, of course, is walking her figure-eights and meow like crazy because she wants to post.

Ino and Miss Kitty are sailing around the house having cat fits and knocking over everything in sight! Lovey & Amanda are whining to go potty and for a snack. The phone is ringing...

 Oh my, what's a body to do!! We got so far behind because of the fire then, the insurance adjuster lawyers and     investigators I haven't had a chance for personals. But, I have good news, seemingly, our worst legals are being our favor, and the others will follow suit!!!

Can you imagine...his folks, coming out of the woodwork screaming foul play and trying to have me arrested for his death, and he destroyed my home!! We think the suit was filed the day after his death...we are so glad the law               
prevailed! But, I am deeply sadden that he is was a  horrible way for him to go.... something I would never wish on anyone. I have not, and I will not have any ill feelings against my son-in-law Bless him!!

I need to get the gang settled in so I'll see you later or      tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by, and to our new followers...thanks so much for following us...we appreciate your being with us...hang on it might get a little bumpy. lol! 

Wishing All of You A Lovely Evening...                                        
Loretta and the Gang                                                                                                 


  1. Oh, that is truly horrifying. We're glad that went your way. Some people are just.... very awful.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your son-in-law and the loss of your family home as well=such a huge tragedy...We are purring and praying for your family at this difficult time...Wishing you all comfort, sending love and hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  3. Continued prayers for you and your family.

  4. I am so happy that the corner has been turned,and that you are feeling better!
    Jane x

  5. That is awful that they tried to get you arrested. I am glad that everything is getting sorted out now and hope it all continues to go well.

  6. We will be right here with you for the ride, we don't mind bumps. Hugs from all of us. Howdy girls!

  7. We are glad to hear that things are looking up for you. This must have been an incredibly stressful and sad time for your family. It sounds like the kitties are trying to do their best to distract you from your worries, though.

  8. Oh my stars! I had no idea that things were as bad as THAT. The nerve of people...I'm glad things are looking up and now you can now properly mourn your loss. Nobody needs crazy stupid stress at a time like this.
    xx Trish

  9. Have a wonderful weekend, Loretta and your gang :)

    Hugs & Purrs

  10. Glad to hear things are going better. Hope the kitties have a fun weekend. :)


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