Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday's Wisdom

A Positive Quote...
From Miss Ino to All Peeps...

And then, things seem brighter...
Ino's words to me today after trying times!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello To All Our Friends...Miss Kitty here...

I am sorry we are so late posting. Mum was down the road South of us in Natchitoches LA with aunt Pat and could not get back because some people closed the road! Why? 
  We were so worried about her...and our woofies Mandy & Lovey cried most of the time. They don't like for her to leave us!

                                      Snowing in Natchitoches
 Uncle LJ took a picture of the truck in the driveway but not down to the house because the snow was deeper in some places. The internet is back on but the forecast is...rain then more winter weather next Wednesday... UGH!
Mum's back home with us now but was shaky because there was a bad accident just ahead of her on the interstate. Mum said ice was still on the road and people were driving too fast! Then, traffic was backed up for almost two hours...people were hurt badly... 

Ino kept us busy by reading and we played games... running and tearing up the house. 
Our Sister Daun stayed with us so we did what we wanted...she is such a softy... Moew!
 Mum said she's thankful to be back home in one piece warm dry and cozy! We hope you all are too!

Purrs & Hugs,
Miss Kitty Ino Izzy & Mum, Lovey & Mandy too!

Monday, January 27, 2014

After The Rain

Note: This post is from last week during the snow and when the internet was down. We are always excited to see the white stuff in Louisiana...home of droughts and heat waves!

  Then, came the snow! Hello Dear Friends...

 Folks around here are so excited when this happens although it is only enough to stick-stay...but pretty especially around this time
just before dark.

This is city park just down the street from our house

our upper-backyard 

And the lower backyard. It was 16 degrees in some lower areas and the wind was howling around the house at 35 mph. I was so cold when I got back inside it took almost an hour to stop shivering. As I type this it is 26 degrees now. Sunlight is just behind the clouds.
  We did get our internet back at a decent hour today that's a good thing. However, you know how that goes each day. We are in for another round of winter mix this week...

  On a good note... I'm doing something that I don't usually...and that's accept awards. However, this was so simple without time taken that we decided to accept/post them.

Thank you so much Speedy & Mum for thinking of us and for these most thoughtful awards.

The Girls offer their sincere thanks to you both. 

Sorry we are so late posting was because of our internet problems... 

Miss Kitty Izzy Ino & Loretta

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Almost Easy Sunday

Good Afternoon Friends, Mums & Dads... 
Ino with you today... 

  I sure hope all of you are well. Mum and Dad went shopping Saturday and we spent the day with our older peep sister, Daun. 
  She is so gullible but, very good to I try hard not to use her! MOL! Oh I love a good trick and watching the culprit's expressions, don't you? 

I'm sorry I went way off the subject... as you see in the picture I was going to relax today in my favorite spot but that idiot doll was back up there again. 
 I tried to  get physical...ahem... rough-her-up a little to get her out of my spot (see her hair) But, she insist on coming back (for more.)
  I'm going to tell my sister Miss Kitty...she'll 
get her off my shelf so I can get my easy on like the two of them. In the meantime I want to wish you all a Happy Easy Sunday!!

A Final Note...
We are heartbroken that our Mancat Friend has gone over the Bridge. We sure hope his parents are coping and know that he is now in a better place. Run free with your sister my good buddy! We Love You Prancer Pie!!

Purrs From,
Izzy Miss Kitty & Ino

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weather Woes

Good Evening...

  I tell you I am so tired of the lack of services and it doesn't look as if it will improve soon!
Each evening is the same...we see men working all day everyday with the same results. Now, the rain is back again with inclement weather in the forecast. 

I've had to stop three times writing this post.
I wanted to let you all know this is still the problem...and suppose we'll have to endure it until they've found whatever. 
So, we will be back as soon as we can to post & visit.

  The girls all send their Purrs, Woofs and Paw-Hugs... Keep Warm and Cozy...we're down to 18 degrees tonight in some areas colder....brrrrrrrrr!

Warmest Regards,
Loretta & The Girls

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toes Toes & Toes Tuesday

Good many to chose!
Can you tell the difference between the three?

Not so difficult, right?

We are having so much trouble with internet and cable goes off & on constantly, very annoying and hard to do anything with it doing this. I'm finding myself blogging into the evening to get back to all of you. If I have missed any of you, then please know it wasn't intentional. 
  We are so sorry and hope these people can get this resolved soon...
Thanks for understanding...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunny Warm Monday

I love days like this! Hello, Ino with you today...
 I knew this day was going to be great when the sun rose and it was so bright! Today sunpuddles will be plentiful, we won't have to fight over a little streak of it!

  I know this is the choice spot and where Kitty sits...however, I was first today and I'm going to make good use of these wall-to-wall sunpuddles. 
 See that little hand back there...that's Mum's little doll. Today she will share this shelf and get a full view of Ino's...ahem...entirety!

Hope your day is filled with lots of sunpuddles too!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Easy Sunday

Hello, Izzy with you today!

I feel all of you have gotten familiar with Ino because she's always convincing Kitty to allow her to post.
 However, I would like for you to get to know me also. I am not as outgoing as Ino nor, am I as articulate. 

You see, our mum who had to give us up had Ino first then, she came back for me. They were bonded by then and Ino got a lot more attention because her personality required it. 
  I'm not complaining because she loved me and I knew it. Now, I really know I'm loved because both Mum & Dad shows it! They told me about easy Sunday and what it meant in our home.
  So, I'm getting my easy on right about now,
if you look at my eyes you can see I am sleepy. I wanted to tell you this...and I'll be telling you more...but now...I am ready for my easy...hope you are too! Happy Easy Sunday Friends....


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Caturday- Ino's Woes

Good Morning, Ino here...
First, I would like to Thank all of you for helping me (us) with our trivia question and to let you know everyone had great replies! 
  Ino did a search late last night on the computer when the others were finally asleep and here's what I found: 
Haters:Dwight D Eisenhower & Adolf Hitler... Drats, I agree with Brian on this one. 
  Lovers:  Robert E Lee & Abraham Lincoln 
I'm glad that is over, I hate not knowing.
You know...
  I really love my mummy, but I do not love that box that flashes me in the eyes and blind me. It doesn't matter if I run away she still flashes it. Did it get my behind?

Mum please, give me a break...

Oh no. I thought I'd given her the slip! Please go away so I can nap. I'm exhausted... I was up all night doing research...doesn't that warrant some respect for my privacy! 

Oh thank you dad... I'm so glad you are here!
Now, I can get my good nap undisturbed... I love you dad.
  I sure hope all of you are enjoying your Caturday and wherever you are, you are warm and snugly. Thanks so much for being my friends. I'll see you soon...


Friday, January 17, 2014

Can You Help Us?

Good Evening To All Our Friends... Ino here...
Mum is busy with the paper today and we were keeping ourselves busy with a trivia book from the bookshelf. (Yes, you are correct, Miss Kitty & Izzy are upset because Mum asked me to be in charge today.) Because I love books...
I selected this simple book of trivia and now we are interested in it, however, we can't answer the question! Will you please help me (us)?

The Question: Back in history, there were two famous men who...were cat haters...and two famous men who really loved cats. Can you tell us who they were?

I hope you can help because it bothers me because I can't answer it. Miss Kitty says there are really smart furriends &  humans on the blog... Thank you for helping us.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning...Izzy here now... Mum is smiling big today and she's very happy! Our sister Miss Kitty

is doing so much better with her hair growth! You can still see patches...

 but for the most part it is filling in quite well. The pic above shows some of the spots that will need work and there are two on her rump that looks the same.

 A front close up shows a better shot with good growth. The top of her head looks like she's sporting a...ahem...boy's cut! We are careful not to say this so she can hear it...

for fear it will upset her. Mum put a collar on her just in case for fleas...we had a few...
  Mum use a combination of things including baths massages and oils...but mostly she watches Kitty to make sure her attention is redirected from her habit. 
  Everyone is so pleased Miss Kitty is looking her old self  and we have our Mum to thank...

  Mum says to tell you the internet is on since 7 in the morning and they say it is okay, ever though it has been on and off two times already! Thanks for visiting and reading my post today.

From our place to yours... We all send...
Hugs & Purrs,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Note From Loretta

Dear Friends....

I Wanted to let you know all of us are okay...our cable/internet is off and on daily so we are having problems with it. 
  We will be back with you as soon as things get back together. The girls are giving their dad a good run while he's off and I think he has just about had it! He says they are worse than any of our children...I think his description of himself  really rings true...
ole' James...LOL!! Take Good Care...until...


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sidewinders Hit Home

Hey all you good folks...James here again...

  Have you ever been woke up 'fore day in the morning by sounds like a sidewinder of wind  hitting yer' house? 
Well, I did just this morning! Them two biggins' were having some sort of cat fits... running through the house like a pack of wild animals...

Look at her now, all calm and cool like nothing happened... the little faker!

And this big gal sleeps all day 'til time to eat
then she hunt-up Loretta to fill the bowls up again!! I tol' both of them pol-cats they were gonna get jobs to feed them bellies if they keep eatin' like this! Heee-heee 

Loretta said I should have taken pictures of the rooms they trashed. She forgot to empty the trash can in the room and they had it up and down the entire hallway.

They knocked over the cat tree, the shelves books lamps shredded up the newspaper and a magazine Loretta was reading, and all kinds of stuff! Them boogers must have gotten a little crazy when we put the lights out....or somethin' got into 'em early...
  Loretta was sleeping real good so I just gathered the trash put them in their room and went back to bed. Well, I show can't do any more like gittin' my switch to 'em 'cause Loretta would tan-my-hide 'bout them little crumb-snatchers! I don't wanta git' her dander up 'bout them babies!

  Well, I show hope ya'll are having a good-ole' Sunday. Loretta calls it easy...but I don't see no easy 'bout this Sunday...them little smart booger been plottin' 'gainst ole' James all day and in some kind of devilment...but, they don't know... ole'James been a-plottin' too... heeee-heeee!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tired At Ten

Good Morning Friends. Izzy here...

  Can you believe is only a little pass 10 o'clock and I am exhausted!

  Sister Kitty had an early breakfast because she was up with Dad at 5 AM... I didn't wake until Ino whapped me on the head at 7.

  I wanted to sleep in with Mum, but that was not going to not today! Kitty wanted to play chase again and then, Ino joined her and I tell was on! Dad sat in his chair laughing at us tear through the house...

  I got so tired I had to jump in the tree and whap them when they tried to touch me. They are still playing...Where does Kitty get all that energy...

  I sure hope you have a Great Saturday...the sun is shining and I'm going to find a nice sunpuddle to bask in! Hope you have some too...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Human's Representation

Good Morning To All My Friends...Izzy here!

My Sister Kitty and I were in the bookshelf looking at some of Mum's books...Ino found this one that had "Cat Quotes" on it. Are you kidding me...this is suppose to be funny?

First of all...we would never knowingly be so stupid...This is definitely a false representation of FELINES! Yes, a travesty! 
  And, I want you humans to know...on behalf of all Felines...we protest such absurdity!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rainy Day Blues

Good Afternoon friends...

  I suppose you are having weather changes the way we are. You just don't know which direction you are to take until the next day when you are confronted with that change.

Today it is rain and thunder storms. The picture above is coming down from the front porch...the walk is so slippery from ice the day before. 

  This pic is of the walk going down to the stairs...there are 10 steps down, and then the drive. I can't maneuver either of it because I am still using my cane... I'm afraid to try it! 
  I've had to cancel appointments and have to meet a deadline in 3 hours. If you look closely you can see the slant of the is blowing and pouring!
  I notice the girls are trying very hard to get me going today...I wonder what they are up too...could it be they are trying hard to get rid of me.... I'm afraid they are going to be disappointed today because...I'm not going out in all this rain!

Wishing You All A Nice Cozy Evening...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Full Day Of Play

Hello My Friends... Miss Kitty here,

  I am sorry I'm last posting today...mum went on assignment during the morning and asked me to take care of the blog... but I forgot. Izzy and Ino forgot too!

 We are all so tired because we had so much fun running through the house and hiding from each other. That's Izzy up in the tree.

Dad says Izzy and I look alike from behind. My hair is starting to grow a little faster now. Can you see it?  

That's Ino on the guest bed I had to really run from her today because she is so times I wondered if she was really playing... but I'll just keep my eye on her... sneaky devil!

We really had good times in the house all by ourselves...but I'm afraid we got a little rough and messy...

 Toys all over the house...look closely and you'll see a pair of James socks from the laundry basket Kitty loves to bat them around.  
 Mum didn't take all the pictures of the mess because she had to get dinner started and finish a couple more loads.

But she did get these...I thought she was going to talk loud then have to go to bed with a headache but she didn't... just went in and picked it up...

  She told Ino books are important and shouldn't be knocked to the floor. Ino says there are too many in the shelf and there is no room for her...she loves sitting on the shelves with the book...


When Dad came home we heard her tell him she will never leave us alone again...she'll have our Sister to come and sit for her. Drats, there goes all the fun...unless... we can put Sister to sleep, or....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ino's Musings

Dear Friends of Mine, 
  Ino here today. Believe me when I say I love posting on the blog. I love what's being said! 
 I know it was designed with my sister kitty in mind, but I see no reason why we all shouldn't have a voice on it, right?

                      Ino love  mum's sewing room and loves rearranging thing her way  
Mum thinks so too...and with her mediating during our intense meeting we were able to come to an agreement. As Mum said so eloquently..."We will all exercise the proper decorum and are lady-like in all we do, and if a disagreement arises we will discuss it openly and resolve it promptly."  She really knows how to keep the peace between all these females.

 She talks to us but especially to me. She knows I am different and she treats me so. She told me it takes time to adjust to new surroundings, "so take all the time you need sweetie...but not to long because I want my Ino to be happy!"
 I love to be alone and don't want the others in my space so, I hiss and whap at them! Mum says its okay to need my space, but she wasn't very pleased with the hissing and whapping. For her, I am going to work on it!

  In the last two pictures, I didn't stay in the bed with all of them and went into the guest bedroom alone. Mum got out of bed to look for me. When she saw me on the stool she gave me another blanket and said, "come back to bed with mum when you are ready sweetie." I eventually went back and she let me get real close to her...I was warm and went to sleep.
  Really, I want to be different but I just can't do it! But...I have an idea my new mum is going to help me to be more social...deep down I want to...for my mum!! She will be so happy...I just know it!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Temps Still Dropping...

Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here...
  I tried to get Ino and Izzy to help me with the post today but they said they weren't leaving their cozy places. So, Miss Kitty has to work all alone today... sigh...

How, can you figure it Ino keeping warm and cozy in mum's bathroom sink? I'm beginning to think this girl is a weird one!

But, look at Izzy! There is not one thing  wrong with her!! This girl knows how to get real cozy. 
  She stays on mum's bed snuggling tight with her...I don't mind because I have other things to do bird watching and watching leaves dancing to the Izzy helps me too by keeping mum cozy. (although I think she's ...fat & lazy!!) MOL!

  Mum says it is 17 degrees now and the wind blows from NW near 40 mph it is cold!  Tonight it will be colder at 13 degrees... We will all pile into mum's bed again tonight and dad will keep yelling to stay off his sore knee... He is sooo funny...MOL!!! 

He no mean it!! Purrs, Miss Kitty 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Easy Sunday

Good Afternoon Friends....

Miss Kitty here... I'm telling you we are all getting our easy on today...

I'm in bed in the guest bedroom getting ready to snuggle up in my bag. Ino is in mum's bathroom sink and Izzy is in bed with mum watching TV. Dad is in his recliner as always sleep!
  The temp is dropping quickly and it is getting very cold. I heard dad say we will be in the lower teens tonight...what's that?

What about you...are you in cold weather and snuggled in tightly! Hope you have a warm and cozy easy Sunday!
Keep Warm,
Miss kitty and the Gang...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Saturday

Dear Bloggers... Miss Kitty here again...

Hello everyone...I want you to meet Tucker
he is my human brother's mancat. Next month they will come to visit, but thank goodness... Mom asked if he would leave the cat (s), there are 5, this visit because we had to get over having that pony in the house...Rico!! MOL!

    Mum & Dad are going on appointments today looking for my brother a house, and she asked me to post. They will be back home later today...and will visit then or Sunday!

Miss Kitty & Sisters

Friday, January 3, 2014

Miss Kitty's Words of Wisdom

Dear Bloggers,

 Miss Kitty here: I have had so much fun getting to know my Sisters and playing all day...but I knew I had to get back to business. Mum got a decent shot of me...and OMC, my hair is starting to grow a bit!
  Mum says it is because I haven't been pulling it out and all the other little habits I'd developed. I am also cuddling mum & dad more since Izzy came here.

  I thought they were part of mum's guest, then mum told me this is their furrever home! I was so very I have someone to run and roll on the bed play with toys...everything!

  However, there is one crucial issue I need to address and that is...Sister Ino! Seems she has an agenda of her own. After discussing this with alpha dog Amanda and Lovey we need to let little missy know how we operate in this house...we will kindly set matters straight!
                   Words Of Wisdom...

  Sister Ino will learn: "Effective leadership is not about making speeches as she did on her first post...or, being liked by Dad; leadership is defined by results not attributes..."  

A Note to our friends: This will be done privately and we will not post it...however, you will see the results of our meeting in changed attitudes...Stay Tuned! Meow....

Miss Kitty-Kelly...

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