Friday, January 17, 2014

Can You Help Us?

Good Evening To All Our Friends... Ino here...
Mum is busy with the paper today and we were keeping ourselves busy with a trivia book from the bookshelf. (Yes, you are correct, Miss Kitty & Izzy are upset because Mum asked me to be in charge today.) Because I love books...
I selected this simple book of trivia and now we are interested in it, however, we can't answer the question! Will you please help me (us)?

The Question: Back in history, there were two famous men who...were cat haters...and two famous men who really loved cats. Can you tell us who they were?

I hope you can help because it bothers me because I can't answer it. Miss Kitty says there are really smart furriends &  humans on the blog... Thank you for helping us.



  1. M is guessing Ernest Hemmingway was a cat lover, but she doesn't know who the others are. We'll look forward to seeing the answers.

  2. Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain loved them. Not sure who the haters were...xxoox

  3. We sure are not sure exactly who it was that if was that were cat haters. So many people really don't like cats. Will be interested as to who it was. Take care.

  4. There are probably lots of famous cat lovers, the two I know are Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Allan Poe. Dwight D. Eisenhower couldn't stand cats.

  5. Haters = Hitler, Mussolini
    Lovers = Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain

  6. Hey, if there were two men who hated cats then they weren't real men!

  7. Mark Twain liked cats. And we've hear Adolf Hitler was a cat hater. Figures.

  8. oh my I have no idea,will look in to it though,xxSpeedy

  9. Mommy helped us check online and found 2 famous cat haters - Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Mario mentioned one very famous cat lover, Ernest H. Another would be Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

    We don't understand how anyone could HATE cats. Isn't that a very strong word?


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