Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello Monday!

Good Day to Everyone!!!

How are you today...Miss Kitty Izzy & Ino with you today...Mum said she needed to get some pictures of us when we settle down. We are so excited that she is home...we are all over the place!! 
  Ino jumped on dad's head and Miss Kitty had a cat fit and torn up the kitty room. Mum says dad's head is hot because we are so hyped... what does that mean?
  One of the reasons why we are so happy is.. what you see below... Yep, she cooked Miss Kitty's favorite...mac-n-cheese!!!

Just before she put it in the oven to bake...

While the meat finishes up, mum put the mac-n-cheese on the plate to take this pic. Eno and I (Izzy) thought it was meatloaf she had in the oven...we soon found out it is... "Greek Chicken"... olives and all!!!

Mum said "meatloaf next time", and we're not going to forget it...when that stove goes on next time its..."MEATLOAF"... Yeah!!!
Oh, hum...I mean...MEOW!!!

See you next time...
Izzy & the others  (hee-heeee...)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Caturday


All of You!!! It is so good to be home...Thank you all for your loving comments and staying with us through all our troubles! 
  My brother-in-law was discharged and they are on their way home after several stops. I rode home with my sister and we got home ahead of them. He is now waiting on a heart transplant! We all suffered a shock from this one! However, we have held up well, trusting in God and many prayers. 
  I have missed being with you and our furry friends..we hope they have been well. When you hug them today...give them hugs from us too!
  This is a holiday weekend so hopefully I can get a little R&R...I am exhausted!! Izzy brought me up-to-date about her posts and was so sad dad couldn't visit with you because of work! 

  I still have much to do in the old home putting aside thing and giving to those who are stopping by to ask. 
  I feel so bad because of the condition of some things they ask for, but it doesn't matter to them especially if they can fix repair or wash away the ash, etc. You never know...and you think you're having it hard, right?
  Take care and have a peaceful and restful weekend...

Love to you all,
Loretta and family...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Izzy's Sunday

Hey There... 
  We have missed you much! How have you been? I'm so happy to be here with you again!
  Mum told us some of our friends have had some bad weather just as it was here. We have kept you in our thoughts and Dad put the weather station on and we kept a watchful eye wondering if you all were well.

 I've been sitting here waiting to type a post and was so happy when dad said I could. I have to tell you, Mum could not work at the old house because of the rain, but she has been busy. 
  Our uncle L J went in the 'copter way up to New Orleans. They dropped him at hospital and dad said he is in CCU because of bleeding inside and a bad heart! Aunt Pat is there alone so mum, granny and my other 3 aunts went to be with Aunt Pat. Dad said uncle L J is critical sick.
 Dad said mum will break soon from so much
pressure (I don't understand)... Miss Kitty Ino & me worry. We want her to come home so we can keep her from breaking. Dad said she will be okay...she's strong woman!!!
  Next time we want to show you how mum play games with us. 

Happy Easy Sunday....
Izzy Ino & Miss Kitty

Saturday, May 10, 2014


To  All Our Loving Mom’s…

 We  Are So Happy You Are Our Friends!  We Want You To Know …We Love You Too!!
 Roses Are The Most Loving Way  We Can Express Our Love To You… 

                                                 These are for You…

Purrs Of Love,
Miss Kitty, Izzy & Ino


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