Our Pet Memorial

                                                                 Pet Memorial

                                             In Memory of Our Two Rottweilers & Poodle 
                                                             © © “Duke” & “Blackjack” & "Ashley"© ©


         “There’s a hurt in our hearts that our boys held deeply
We lost three Family Members who were Loved like all the
They were Loyal, and Trusted Companions who always gave us
their Best.
We Miss You All So Much! In Loving Memory of

                 ~“Blackjack” and “Duke"~

           September 15, 2009 ý    

                                                                                                         íAugust 25, 2008ý
They were brothers from birth and they were together in everything those years of their
lives. Then, Duke passed away and Blackjack grieved for his brother. His grief was
profound, so much so, that devastating morning, we found him asleep…in death.

Ashley Winston, my joy, my life...died in my arms with a seizure and a little piece of me died too! He was my faithful companion, who helped me through some very hard times; he was the bright-light that guided me on those dark paths that lead me back to sanity. Always by my side, and seemingly knew what I needed.  I will always love you "Pot"
  I hope to see you again my Love...

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