Thursday, June 12, 2014


On the Baths...

  It looks as if you are half & half about Ino's bath! What she failed to tell you is the three of them sneaked outside when their sister Daun came over and forgot to secure the door! 
 Izzy is a master-escape-artist with door handles, they got out and went for a hike in the neighbor's street over! We had the hardest time getting them back in!

Ino was the one, because she's the lighter color of the 3, got into the fresh dirt I'd dug for my flowerbeds and rolled! She's easy to convince with bathing...but Izzy and Miss Kitty are fighting tigers...I'm still trying to catch them...yeah my bed is getting all the dirt from them...LOL!!!

  I spent the day trying to finish cleaning up
the porch and front lawn. My neighbor gave me a thumbs up when I finished... as if!  

 I have done too much and now I'm slowing down with back pain...not pretty!! I keep going...slowly, because I don't want to give in to the pain...that's when I get in trouble and can't do anything for weeks! 
What can I say, you have to do what you can to make it nowadays!!

I pressure washed it, now I need to re-stain the rockers. I'm tired of waiting on help that never comes! I can't understand folks now...
you are paying them and they still won't come... when they do...the job looks as if Izzy Ino & Miss Kitty had a hand in it when they are trying to get back at me... haha!

I've taken up enough of your time...I'm really thankful for this time on the you have to fight, as I do in this house for ... everything!!! I think I need to put my foot down...ha!


  1. I am glad the baths are over and that pressure washing is, my Dad says, a real pain in the back.

  2. Hmm, it does sound like a bath *might* have been in order for Ino. ;)

    The porch does look good -- you really did a nice job. I hope your back feels better soon.

  3. Oh goodness! Not fun! For kitties or humans..
    We always have trouble getting anything done around here.. frustrating!

  4. yur porch is awesum guys.....N glad everee one hada wee minit ta ....roll in dirt !!!

    INO :) ♥
    N heerz two a perch & cod kinda week oh end two all !!

  5. I am glad you were able to safely round them all up again. Flynn loves to roll in the earth yet never seems to look dirty. The porch looks lovely and inviting.

  6. Thank goodness you were able to round the cats up. Perhaps it's a good thing they like the flower beds. ;p

    There is nothing worse than a contractor agreeing to do the work and then never showing up, unless it is not being able to find someone. I'm trying to finish my basement but the portion that needs completion isn't one wants to try to fit it in.

    Hope your back pain is eased by some time in the rocking chair with a cat for company!


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