Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Blessings

Wishing You A....

Happy & Blessed Sunday with Family and Friends...
  Miss Kitty and I will be taking this day off from blogging
See you on Monday!

Best Wishes & Blessings To Everyone...
 Miss Kitty-Kelly & Family

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kitty Is Adamant About Her Bed!

 Being adamant may be putting it mildly...

Kitty tells us...

"You can do anything to me, anywhere anytime anyhow...but you better not ever...touch my bed or my blankie...and you can take that to the bank!"... unquote

Looking closely out the window on the ground...there are black birds there...messing with her bed while she's there get that gal's dander up some fierce!...

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kitty's Analogy

Update Below...
   There are times when Kitty and I use our cuddle time to discuss things on her mind... for instant, her comparison of man and feline...her fave. Listen in...


"Mummy, I heard TV say...'It has been said of man...they're the most dangerous animal on the planet.' " 

Me: "Yeah, and your point is?"...

Kitty: "Well...obviously they have never met an angry cat!" 

Me: "How astute my Pet!"...

   Miss Kitty Here: Thank you for asking: Yes, Mummy made a mini-meat-loaf just only for Miss Kitty. My woofie sisters Lovey & Amanda got steak. 
  Mummy only give us this treat once-every-blue-moon, but me want it every day!! She says red meat not good for her babies, but I beg to's her know!!   MOL!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Mummy, You have such an amazing talent...and you are the sweetest, now... make me some meatloaf!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mummy Learns A Lesson

Mummy Here...

  I have learned by trial and by many errors and this is no lie...
        "There is no snooze button on a cat who wants her breakfast...geez!"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kitty's Request

Kitty: "Mummy, I'm ravenous!"
  Me: "Kitty, you've eaten your breakfast."
Kitty: "Yeah, I believe in eating every meal as though it was my I hungry again!"

Monday, March 25, 2013

Miss Kitty's Insight

Some Peeps say... "A listening ear is priceless"... But, I say it is a sign of...Nosy Peeps!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miss Kitty's Window Watching

Update: At end of post
  From Kitty's vantage point in her room, looking down she can see all that moves outside...

She was watching the neighbor's cat and I overheard her say, "She's nefarious cat!"

Me: "Kitty,'ve learned another new word!"
Kitty: "Whatever...really Mum, do I look like I just fell of the turnip truck!" She said cheekily.

Hello friends: Just to let you know, I fixed the troubles we had before, but now our Posts are not showing in the Reading list. Please visit us or check Google+ to see our postings. I know Google is making changes, this may be the problem. So sorry about this...and we hope to get it worked out soon... Thanks!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Miss Kitty Asleep

                                                                               Click on pic to enlarge

                Shhhh... dreaming!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Update on Blog Woes

Miss Kitty Lovey and Amanda wants to let you know Google+ is up and operational as of 5 minutes.  
  Mummy has to take a nap because she was up too early, then forgot to take her meds! We will be back to visit with you later!

Purrs & Woofs...
From Us! 

To Our Followers

Good Morning,

  I am having a bit of trouble with Google+. I had to delete this feature from my blog in order to access the blog pages early this morning. Afterwards, things are back to normal, however, Google is gone!
  While I certainly do not wish to lose any followers, I will be working on this problems to get to the bottom of it. Please bear with me as I do so. Please be assured, I still have my profile page with all followers...I did not lose this. As soon as I work it all out, I will be back with you.
Yes, Kitty & Lovey are creating havoc because of it. I think they will have to visit Mim today so I can work in peace. Thank you for understanding. Wishing you a very pleasant day, filled with peace and joy!

All The Best,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kitty's Quote For Thursday

  Kitty will only quote from this famous author because he... loved cats!

The peep's name is Mark Twain. Kitty says, "
           "To those who are know-it-all..."  Quote:
        "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let Peeps   
         think you are a fool than to open it and remove all
        doubt."  Unquote...

 Smart girl...huh?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Is So Interesting Outside...

   Now that the weather is warm we can open the doors to the outside.  (Click on pic to enlarge.)

Miss Kitty loves the warmth and the view. But, what is so interesting out there?

Why, birds of course! Many Many Many blackbirds... covering the neighbor's yard and ours...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kitty Sun Bathing

   Kitty loves sitting on top the window AC to catch as much sun as possible.

  It is the idea spot for her because it is flooded with lots of sun puddles.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Good Day With Miss Kitty


Hi My fur-friends, woofies & Peeps,

Miss Kitty wants to apologize for me actions last week. Mummy has taught me I have to stand tall and face me mistakes...not run away! Me sis, Lovey, and me argue to bad...too many threats...she gots me bad this time because I didn' wants to face up. Now, secret stay secret...and we move on...agreed by us.
  When I hear Peeps say, "Life is hard!" I am always tempted to ask them, "compared to what?"

  Everythin' is hard in life, with all of us!  It's up to each of us to live our lifes' in a way that brings us pleasure, peace of mind and good.
Miss Kitty learned this lifes' lesson... "I'll never run away again from anything!"

Miss Kitty soo Sorry!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Missy Kitty Is Filled With Remorse

  Kitty is not the same since the ordeal this week. It is so hard for her to communicate with me, and when she looks at me, her golden eyes are sooo sad.

I've tried to reassure her all is well...but she's very remorseful. She covers her face in shame each time I try to reach out to her, as you can see in the photo.

Kitty: "I sad Mummy...Kitty sorry...I run away from yu!"
  Me: "Yes Baby, I know but, everything is okay now, you are back home safe with all of us. Mummy loves you so much honey...there's no need for you to be sad or ashamed!"

Kitty: "Mummy not upset with Mis' Kitty?"

Me: "No! Mummy was upset only because I thought you would get hurt outside, since you've never been alone out there. And, I thought you would get lost and I couldn't find you. I wasn't upset with you Kitty,  just worried!"

Kitty: "I not run away ever again Mummy...I sorry Mummy Mis' Kitty luv yu'....

Me: "Oh really know how to tug on my heart strings...."

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitty Is Safe!

Miss Kitty's home is back to normal! Without going into too many details now, she was found at the back of our property in an old shed.
  She's scratched and scrapped mostly around her head and behind her ear on the right...but otherwise fine! She tried to go through the fence, but didn't make it; then, went in the shed where we found her almost immediately. (She hates getting her paws wet under any circumstances.)
  She's very playful and seem not to be affected by her ordeal.

The scrap can be seen above her eye. As you can see...she's in the box again. For your concern and c0mments...we are thankful. We have a lot of work to do with our two!
  On another note, I will be on assignment again and uncertain of my return...We will definitely miss our times together each day!
  Wishing you a Wonderful Friday and Weekend!

Thanks Again,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Has Come To A Head...KITTY!

All my worries, my fears and anxiety have been realized. OMC!... My Baby.....

Listen to this:

Kitty: Ok dog, you win...I'm leaving...I run away!"
  Lovey never realized it would evolve to this...she was crushed, but she didn't utter a sound to Kitty as she clawed the screen door and made her escape!
  Lovey watched as Kitty ran into the thick woods behind our house. Lovey didn't realize it, but...she was crying and calling, "Kitty come back...NOOO!"
Mummy is heartbroken! She discovered after searching the house; then, finding the hole in the screen door...Kitty was gone! Granny came and called daddy from work! Lovey could hear Mum and daddy calling for Miss Kitty in the woods as rain came down fast and hard...making the sound of their voices seem far away!

 Lovey barked and barked trying to tell her parents in what direction Kitty ran in the woods, but they didn't hear nor, understand what her barks meant. At that moment, she wished the situation was reversed, and it was she who was in the woods. Then, Kitty could tell Mummy with words how to find her!
  Lovey was very upset and started to feel guilty she'd allowed Kitty to get to her, after all...she was the older of the two, but Kitty was so driven and smart!
  "Now, sister, is gone...She may be lost in the woods... she may be lost forever!"

Lovey started to whimper for her sister!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tension Builds...

   I have to admit, as a parent just as with my four children, I am deeply worried about these two. My husband has braced himself for what's to come.

  We both agreed we will allow them to work their differences out.  Nevertheless, it doesn't keep me from worrying.

Listen in...

Kitty: "Yeah dog, I am desperate"...
  Lovey: "Sure you are cat. You should be."
Kitty: "Can we work this out Lovey?" She said cringing.
 Lovey:"Oh, so now you want to work it out, huh? Let's see... well, maybe I can... NO DEAL CAT! I'm in charge now!"...  
Kitty: "For now Dog... for now!" She mused.

What in the world brought this on? It was that secret...  wasn't it? If only I knew what it is...


Monday, March 11, 2013

Their Quarrel Continues

This ongoing quarrel with Kitty and Lovey has really become heated. Of course, i'll never know what brought it about, and I'll never be included in the loop...not surprising.
  I expect it will reach a boiling point very soon because of the tension in the house among them. Each time I walk into a room the two are squared off, and the air is filled with negative vibes; but, they immediately move to mutual spaces when I appear.

Listen in to hear what my hidden mike picked up

Lovey: "Now that you've dug this hole for yourself Cat... jump in!"
 Kitty: "That was low Doy...very'll  re..."
Lovey: " I dare you...go ahead...say it...dare me Cat!"

Ohhhh, this is getting serious! I'll really have to keep an eagle eye on this Conundrum...stay tuned!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Miss Kitty's Opinion On...

  Miss Kitty don't know how ya'll feel about this time change thing, I'll tell you what...

All my furriends agree...we hate getting up early and doing this off our we lose another hour of sleep!...UGH! 

Miss Kitty want ya'll to know...

"Stop messing with Mother Nature and let the time git back to the way the Lord set boneheads...

Don't you know, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"...


Busybody Tattletale

  Have you ever been so embarrassed you thought you would  melt with shame? Yeah...with Kitty anything is possible. Listen in as she tattles to a room full of guest...


Kitty: "Mummy has this sign hanging on the wall over there that says, "Sit long, Talk much, Laugh often."

It confuses Miss Kitty because why she say when Miss Bluebell comes to visit, she...talks too much; stays too long; and laugh like crazy!"

Me: "Kitty! How could you?"

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kitty's First Box Experience

Kitty never showed any interest in boxes. She would investigate it, but never attempt to do any more...until I caught her with this one...

"I see other cat git in...this ol' thing Mum took stuf' out... old
paper, dust...what's the big deal...ok, my toeses are in, they alright. I think it might not be scary...should I...I might, yeah, I going in!

 Nice fit. No boo-munsters in here... me hate those! I think it ok....yes, mmm, me like it! I have to watch for Mum...she will git the me her baby, and lap all over me if she sees me in the boxy thingy. I wont let her know she was right 'bout it. Sheez...I never hear the end of it!

I ben missin' all this fun...this nice fit (Purring)...this close feel! What was I thinking...I must have stringy's in me brain! Okay frriends...I am in the box world now...It is sooo feelin' good, I think, (yawning)...I take a nap now ...see you later"....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Health And Well-Being

                                                            Your Cat's Toys

  If cats could write wish lists, I wonder what they would put on it. Miss Kitty's list would definitely not be surprising to me. I would venture to say, some of our fur-friends would undoubtely include things like a giant bed...endless treats...or a devoted servant 24/7.
   It's pretty safe to say that high on their list would be toys that they love. And surprisingly, finding that toy can be harder than you think. Each pet have their on likes, just as humans. If your pet totally ignore a toy, you've just purchased something wrong. There's no telling with cats. Sometimes they love to play and enteract with their parents, and at other times they simply can't be bothered.
  One thing is for sure: when your cat's in the mood to play, nothing stands in her way. She'll jump up on top of the television...

Looks familiar?

push the newspaper out of your hands or even lay across the computer keyboard or, your work to get your attention, letting you know she's ready. Does this happen to you... yeah, they can be pushy little scamps, right?

   Cats sometimes need a little encouragement to start playing (especially older cats) but they definitely need exercise to stay fit and healthy. Cats who don't get enough activity frequently becomes obese, which can lead to a host of health problems, even a shorter life.
  Fortunately, engaging your cat doesn't have to be difficult. Most love to chase mice and small balls around the house. Even a simple string or swatting toys can hold interest for a time. They might lose interest quickly if the toy just sits around. It's a good idea to play with her several times to keep her active and trim.
  Anyone who's spent a boatload of money on a disinterested cat can tell you that the hardest part about playing with her is finding a toy that she really likes.
  If you are like me, you try hard to hole their attention.
 Missy Kitty likes the lazar a lot. I grow tired holding it,  whereas she can go for hours seemingly.  I've shown you one other toy she favors...the nipped mouse, Here

  I also homemake from yarn, little red balls leaving a short string on them for grasping and batting; the plastic cap from a milk jug, large rubber bands, and the ponytail thingy from my stash.These items holds her attention better that any of the toys in her toy box.
  Most toys are boring for cats because they only do two things. Before you know it...she has lost interest frustrating!
  So, instead of buying what's hot on the market, especially if she's hard to please, try the simple inexpensive ones and introduce them to her. Too, your playing, showing   interest... raises their interest, and that two dollar toy becomes a hit! 

Miss Kitty's Philosophy

When it comes to knowing can count on Kitty's knowledge...

"When a cat speaks, it's because she has something to say...
unlike peeps with trash-can-mouth who talks nothing!"

                                                                 Miss Kitty's Seal of Approval

Note: Miss Kitty is feeling better today about Life & Living...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kitty's Toy

   There aren't too many things that interest Miss Kitty in the form of toys. I've spent money on toys that are in her little toy box that she's shown zero interest in. I was in the Dollar
Store last weekend and saw this one for two dollars. It is a rat that has squeeking sounds, and the eyes light up.

There is a suction cup on one end that you can stand on the floor. Kitty get the crazies batting this thing for what seem like hours. I love seeing her in bed with it...bunny kicking and rolling all over the bed with it; biting, kicking and just tuned only to it!

She stopped long enough for me to get a shot and I heard her purring. She has played with this thing almost non stop.
Who knew a two dollar toy with a bit of nip would bring her this bliss, and so much play-pleasure!

  My next post will reveal a bit on this subject...Toys and Play! Don't forget to stop by...

Update: This is to one of our friends... Kitty left a rather
unfavorable comment, in my opinion, on your post two days ago. I jotted it down, to revisit you with an apology, but can not find my note.  I am apologizing now for the both of us! It really bothers me when we don't use tack...if you are this person, please contact me on this post. Again, I wholehearted apologize for our behavior. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kitty's Play & Little Peeps

I love Mum's bed. Her little peeps are always there.

They are not the usual little peeps that's why Miss Kitty love to spend time with them. They don't move, or wiggle all over the place, and walk on Kitty's tail; this one has big lap for me to cuddle.

She never mine when I touch her feet. They don't wiggle fast, so I can play this little-piggie all day long. The little peeps never pull Kitty's ears, or tail. She never talk loud and scare me. Most, they never smell, ugh! I just love her so...

Mummy doesn't mind, because she told me we could share her babies. She talks to them this crazy or not? She is sew another cloth for them. Mummy is so silly...

See her socks...Mum bought them from baby part in store, she told me. Sometimes, I enjoy them so much like Mummy, Kitty get tired. I don't know why Mum doesn't get tired...she plays with little peeps a long time.
Right now I get the sleepy very tired!

Why Kitty sleepy little didn't sing like Mum...
You didn't cuddle and rub me belly...I do many purrs... maybe I sleepy from not sleepy?
  You no have sleepy eye... Why little peeps not tired and eyes never get sleepy and close down!  zzzzz...

update: We have several doctor's appts. starting...12:15pm our time: I didn't get a chance to visit all our friends. We will try to get back to visit afterwards. Thanks much...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Miss Kitty's Question To Ponder

Update:I know this is a deep question Miss Kitty is asking and I was puzzled also...thinking about it, I came up with,
"The Loaf!"
I suppose it makes have to have a loaf of bread to get sliced bread! She really have you pondering, huh?

Miss Kitty:
Hello you wonderful folks, thank you so very much for your nice comments from the weekend. I loved them all. Thanks again. Now, this little ball of fur is rushing me to give her the keyboard. Have a fab Monday... Loretta!

Miss Kitty here. I hate when Mum take days puts me so far behind, and I miss everone...

Miss Kitty been thinkin' 'bout somethin' and it bother me.
I heard granny say this and it stick in my head. She said:

" Something she had was the best since sliced bread."

Miss Kitty want to know..."What was the best thing before sliced  bread?" Pleeze, you tell Miss Kitty the answer...I can't rest...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone...

Hello Friends, How are you today? We are experiencing a cold day 38 degrees now, with very high NW winds.

   So, needless to say, we will spend the day inside where it is warm and toasty. Miss Kitty enjoyed her visit with Granny so much the other day...she is back with her for the weekend!

I can't believe how quiet it is without her. Lovey and Amanda have really enjoyed their time since Mum picked her up on Friday eve.
  James and I will be taking this weekend off to visit with friends and we will be back to blogging next week. We're wishing you a Fabulous Weekend... and hope you are enjoying your time with family and friends! Until then...

Warmest Regards,

Friday, March 1, 2013

Her Dream Is To Be...

   Good Morning to Everyone, I often wonder if you think Miss Kitty and I really have a special relationship. Well...

what I'm about to share with you leaves no doubt, especially if you are a believer. Being a feline person, I have no doubts that you will belive what I'm telling you...

  Miss Kitty is always putting things into my know, the way they stare right at the middle of your forehead, and how things seem to just come to your mind...afterwards, leaving you with thoughts, something knowledgable, and a monstrous headache!

  Last eve, we had just such experience. Kitty wanted me to know what her dreams are...what she dreams of most. I couldn't process this at the beginning, however, we kept up the consversation and this is what happened:

Kitty: "Mummy if I show you would you believe what I dream of being."

Me: " Okay."    

See Mummy, I want to be a "Big White Cat" so I can roarrrr!

Me: Oh baby, what a dream! You know, we all have huge dreams just as yours'... and there isn't anything wrong with having big dreams. 
  Miss Kitty, you are a big cat honey, right here in your heart.  And, with're her big beautiful sweetheart!"

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