Thursday, March 7, 2013

Health And Well-Being

                                                            Your Cat's Toys

  If cats could write wish lists, I wonder what they would put on it. Miss Kitty's list would definitely not be surprising to me. I would venture to say, some of our fur-friends would undoubtely include things like a giant bed...endless treats...or a devoted servant 24/7.
   It's pretty safe to say that high on their list would be toys that they love. And surprisingly, finding that toy can be harder than you think. Each pet have their on likes, just as humans. If your pet totally ignore a toy, you've just purchased something wrong. There's no telling with cats. Sometimes they love to play and enteract with their parents, and at other times they simply can't be bothered.
  One thing is for sure: when your cat's in the mood to play, nothing stands in her way. She'll jump up on top of the television...

Looks familiar?

push the newspaper out of your hands or even lay across the computer keyboard or, your work to get your attention, letting you know she's ready. Does this happen to you... yeah, they can be pushy little scamps, right?

   Cats sometimes need a little encouragement to start playing (especially older cats) but they definitely need exercise to stay fit and healthy. Cats who don't get enough activity frequently becomes obese, which can lead to a host of health problems, even a shorter life.
  Fortunately, engaging your cat doesn't have to be difficult. Most love to chase mice and small balls around the house. Even a simple string or swatting toys can hold interest for a time. They might lose interest quickly if the toy just sits around. It's a good idea to play with her several times to keep her active and trim.
  Anyone who's spent a boatload of money on a disinterested cat can tell you that the hardest part about playing with her is finding a toy that she really likes.
  If you are like me, you try hard to hole their attention.
 Missy Kitty likes the lazar a lot. I grow tired holding it,  whereas she can go for hours seemingly.  I've shown you one other toy she favors...the nipped mouse, Here

  I also homemake from yarn, little red balls leaving a short string on them for grasping and batting; the plastic cap from a milk jug, large rubber bands, and the ponytail thingy from my stash.These items holds her attention better that any of the toys in her toy box.
  Most toys are boring for cats because they only do two things. Before you know it...she has lost interest frustrating!
  So, instead of buying what's hot on the market, especially if she's hard to please, try the simple inexpensive ones and introduce them to her. Too, your playing, showing   interest... raises their interest, and that two dollar toy becomes a hit! 


  1. With 7 of us, and all with different "favorite" toys, it's quite a task for Mommy! MOL. But we all agree on ONE *toy*...a cardboard box!

  2. They know exactly how to get in the way, what ever you do (or trying to do).
    They also knows what they should do so mom will not be able to do enything else than entertain them.



  3. We have lots of toys but the most favourite thing of all is a box - Lucy says her tunnel is one of her very favourites too while Hannah loves her ESS.
    Thank goodness we cats don't all like exactly the same toys or there could be a shortage!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Homemade toys are the best and we all gather for playtime every night at 9PM sharp!

  5. Flynn likes most toys,especially if they have nip. Eric had a rat when he was a kitten and still likes to play with it now, but doesn't show much interest in other toys.

  6. After ignoring DaBird for months, Austin is now crazy for it!! Cats have phases for things like we do lol!

  7. Dexter is starting to enjoy "laser tag" and Harry is for anything with nip. Tipp on the other hand will kill anything with feathers and carry it around like a trophy!

  8. Abby's favorite toy is chasing her brothers and sisters. she must be the queen bee! :)

  9. My 5 cats enjoy empty boxes best of all!

  10. Miss kitty when I'm in the mood to play I get right in Mom's face and when I want to be brushed I stand by the end table where she keeps my brush...she is pretty good about reading my body language.
    Hugs madi

  11. vous avez raison, nos jeux préférés sont :
    un fil
    une allumette pour la cacher sous un meuble
    et une boule de papier.
    Opale et Sonye

  12. Yeh. pay time !I love to play with mouses -the toy-ones..

    But sometimes when I find one -I love to play wit a toilet-(kitchen)paperroll and it make me happy when I get a lot of paper trough on the floor ...I'm than so happy ! mome less..

  13. Boxes, crumpled paper and a piece of ribbon or yarn are my cats favorite. Of course our house is a multi-cat household so they also keep each other entertained aw sell.


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