Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tension Builds...

   I have to admit, as a parent just as with my four children, I am deeply worried about these two. My husband has braced himself for what's to come.

  We both agreed we will allow them to work their differences out.  Nevertheless, it doesn't keep me from worrying.

Listen in...

Kitty: "Yeah dog, I am desperate"...
  Lovey: "Sure you are cat. You should be."
Kitty: "Can we work this out Lovey?" She said cringing.
 Lovey:"Oh, so now you want to work it out, huh? Let's see... well, maybe I can... NO DEAL CAT! I'm in charge now!"...  
Kitty: "For now Dog... for now!" She mused.

What in the world brought this on? It was that secret...  wasn't it? If only I knew what it is...



  1. You may have to put masking tape down the center of the room if they can't come to an agreement!!!

  2. Come on kitty show that dog who is boss. :)

  3. Whisky here : Lovey, it's probably best to let Miss Kitty *THINK* she is in charge. Then the humans feel sorry for us and give us extra treats for being good. :p

  4. Hi.. Looks like we came in a a bit of a disagreement!! Hope things work out for the best for both sides.

    Thanks for visiting our blog a few weeks ago.. We have not been blogging much since our old Napoleon had to go to The Bridge... Mom Bobbie just can't seem to get back into the swing of things, but we hope she'll feel better really soon!

    ~ The Bunch

  5. Oh dear time to show whose the real boss Miss Kitty.

  6. Oh my! Now I know you know that Miss Kitty is in charge, sweet woofie?


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