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Miss Kitty finally got her point across to me after her staring at my forehead for two days. She was so frustrated me, I knew I had to get moving quickly! Here’s what my very smart cat whispered to me: Every two months, she wants me to have a giveaway for her kitty followers!
What will happen every two months…we will announce the start of the competition: add a picture to our competition page then, ask you to submit a caption for it. Put on your thinking caps friends and, as Miss Kitty said, “let kitties say it”, (I suppose she thinks your cat will know better what to submit,) look at the new picture we’ve posted each time, then scroll down to the form and submit your caption and other information.

Remember, the competition is every two months, however, we will post the time for them in regular post. Prizes will be…“Jus kitties”, says the all wise one. Yes, all prizes are kitty related…toys…and maybe, we will sneak in a kitty related book since Miss Kitty is so adamant about this!

This caption is due Pending.  Our committee will choose the best caption. The winner will be notified and their name and winning caption will be posted here on this page. We are so excited about this competition Miss Kitty has created... we wish all of you well!

      What Should the Caption be on this photo? Caption # 1





The Winner will receive:


 Please click on the "Contact Me" Email icon at the top of the page, to submit: Your information to us: include the subject, your caption, the caption number (#), and your physical address. We need this information to send your winnings to you.

Thank you for entering our Competition!

Note: I will never sell, show or pass on your email address or any of your information  to anyone. It will only be use for this intended purpose. 
                                                              (Miss Kitty-Kelly’s Seal of approval)



  1. Loretta,
    Love your new blog.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. where am da picture? we am confusedid. purrz frum the katie katz.


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