Friday, June 6, 2014

Ino Here Today

When Mum told me today is Friday...I could not believe it!

  Is it me or, are the days driving fast by us?
Well, we could not live another day without putting some cool air in our rooms. I tell you, I didn't know what was happening to me until she did so...Meow!

 Talk about hot, and those fans were not working at all! Izzy tried to see what were their problems but without any success. I told her to put that screwdriver away before she cause even bigger problems...they drive me crazy with their mischief!
(they are always getting into no-no things!)  
 Now, the house is so cool and cozy we slept all morning until snack time. Mum has to go shopping for camera stuff one of these days to get new photos of us. She said you wouldn't want to see the same picture. So, I dug this one up from the computer. Don't you think she is pretty?

  From the old house, mum found the children's books from their library but some were scorched...a lot of them were burned.  Her library is gone too! She was so sad because some of them were old and she spent years collecting them...She said they were all priceless!
 Izzy and Miss Kitty just came into the room... they are meowing and trying to take over the keyboard so, I'm going to say good-bye...Meow!

  Mum says to say hello for her and she loves and miss you all! She says to give all the fur-babies a big hug and kiss from us!!

We wish you all a Happy Happy Weekend...

From All Of Us And, Mum-&-Dad too!   


  1. Have a wonderful weekend Girls,xx Speedy

  2. It's a lovely photo!
    We hope ya'll have a cool and wonderful weekend.

  3. A big hello to Mum and Dad! It's getting to be summer here, too, but happily no air conditioning today.

  4. We are thankful that it's a little cooler today because we still dont have our air conditioners in.. You are lucky to have yours! We're so sorry your mom lost her library, what a shame. Hugs to her!

  5. doez seem like a few bak de peepulz be tossin winter coats on !!! N pleez ta tell yur mum ta chex out de site

    abe books

    sum time after stuff haz settled a bit; her may find her books ther ♥ they wont troo lee be "hers" but her may find a few her iz lookin for

    enjoy a grate week oh end, heerz two snapper, sockeye & sole !!

  6. We are glad the rooms are cool now.

  7. Howdy Ino! It has been darn hot here too. Have a chillaxing weekend everyone!

  8. Happy weekend to all of you. I am sorry your mum lost all her books.

  9. bonne fin de semaine, ronrons d'Opale et Sonye

  10. Awww we have missed you so much. Nice to see you back again. Hope things are going better now. It's getting HOT here, but not bad yet.

  11. Have a nice COOL happy weekend! And you kits know how to use hand (paw) tools? Amazing?

  12. Have a great weekend efurrybody! We could trade you some of our cool for your hot. The mom bean had to turn on the fur-nice the other night 'cuz we were all chilly!

    Sasha. Sami, & Saku

  13. Olá, amiguinhos!!

    Desejamos a vocês, uma semana bem feliz, com muitos afagos carinhosos!!


    Lígia e =^.^=


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