Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Has Come To A Head...KITTY!

All my worries, my fears and anxiety have been realized. OMC!... My Baby.....

Listen to this:

Kitty: Ok dog, you win...I'm leaving...I run away!"
  Lovey never realized it would evolve to this...she was crushed, but she didn't utter a sound to Kitty as she clawed the screen door and made her escape!
  Lovey watched as Kitty ran into the thick woods behind our house. Lovey didn't realize it, but...she was crying and calling, "Kitty come back...NOOO!"
Mummy is heartbroken! She discovered after searching the house; then, finding the hole in the screen door...Kitty was gone! Granny came and called daddy from work! Lovey could hear Mum and daddy calling for Miss Kitty in the woods as rain came down fast and hard...making the sound of their voices seem far away!

 Lovey barked and barked trying to tell her parents in what direction Kitty ran in the woods, but they didn't hear nor, understand what her barks meant. At that moment, she wished the situation was reversed, and it was she who was in the woods. Then, Kitty could tell Mummy with words how to find her!
  Lovey was very upset and started to feel guilty she'd allowed Kitty to get to her, after all...she was the older of the two, but Kitty was so driven and smart!
  "Now, sister, is gone...She may be lost in the woods... she may be lost forever!"

Lovey started to whimper for her sister!


  1. Oh I hope you find her soon. Poor kitty.

  2. NOOOO!!!!!

    Is she still missing? You must find her! You simply must. I'm sendin' purrs your way to help you do that.


  3. Poor Miss Kitty. We hope you find her soon!!!

  4. We aren't very sure if you mean Miss Kitty is actually missing from the house? If so, we hope she comes home soon!

  5. Put out a lidded tote with her favorite blanket, a water bowl and a bit of food. Keep a sharp eye out for her. Also put posters around for her return...hopefully she has a brake away collar on.......we hope she comes back soon. theCatStreetBoyz

  6. Oh no, howmhorrible. We are all purring and praying for her safe return soon.

  7. Dearest Loretta, This is so sad. I will pray that you find her soon. My neighbor could not find her cat for two days, but then had a happy ending. I hope that the same comes true for you.
    Blessings my dear, xoxo Catherine

  8. Oh. I hope so she coming back...that you find here ...

  9. I'm so glad I read the post about her return, first. I think I would have had nightmares just wondering what had happened to her. Glad she's back safe and sound.


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