Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sidewinders Hit Home

Hey all you good folks...James here again...

  Have you ever been woke up 'fore day in the morning by sounds like a sidewinder of wind  hitting yer' house? 
Well, I did just this morning! Them two biggins' were having some sort of cat fits... running through the house like a pack of wild animals...

Look at her now, all calm and cool like nothing happened... the little faker!

And this big gal sleeps all day 'til time to eat
then she hunt-up Loretta to fill the bowls up again!! I tol' both of them pol-cats they were gonna get jobs to feed them bellies if they keep eatin' like this! Heee-heee 

Loretta said I should have taken pictures of the rooms they trashed. She forgot to empty the trash can in the room and they had it up and down the entire hallway.

They knocked over the cat tree, the shelves books lamps shredded up the newspaper and a magazine Loretta was reading, and all kinds of stuff! Them boogers must have gotten a little crazy when we put the lights out....or somethin' got into 'em early...
  Loretta was sleeping real good so I just gathered the trash put them in their room and went back to bed. Well, I show can't do any more like gittin' my switch to 'em 'cause Loretta would tan-my-hide 'bout them little crumb-snatchers! I don't wanta git' her dander up 'bout them babies!

  Well, I show hope ya'll are having a good-ole' Sunday. Loretta calls it easy...but I don't see no easy 'bout this Sunday...them little smart booger been plottin' 'gainst ole' James all day and in some kind of devilment...but, they don't know... ole'James been a-plottin' too... heeee-heeee!


  1. Yikes -I think ole James needs revenge! he he - I bet he gets it too. Shh, I won't say a word.

  2. Oh that's funny! We don't do that too often here, but when we do tis fun!

  3. Hmmmmmm! What could 'ole James be plotting?
    maybe he will join them next time!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  4. WE know who is REALLY enjoying the Trio of Terror!!!

  5. Whoa, it sounds like that was a big old whirlwind of activity!

  6. Poor James.
    They had certainly huges of fun, the litle huligans :)
    Have a nice Monday all of you!


  7. We sometimes run and play hard but mostly we are quite calm.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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