Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rainy Day Blues

Good Afternoon friends...

  I suppose you are having weather changes the way we are. You just don't know which direction you are to take until the next day when you are confronted with that change.

Today it is rain and thunder storms. The picture above is coming down from the front porch...the walk is so slippery from ice the day before. 

  This pic is of the walk going down to the stairs...there are 10 steps down, and then the drive. I can't maneuver either of it because I am still using my cane... I'm afraid to try it! 
  I've had to cancel appointments and have to meet a deadline in 3 hours. If you look closely you can see the slant of the is blowing and pouring!
  I notice the girls are trying very hard to get me going today...I wonder what they are up too...could it be they are trying hard to get rid of me.... I'm afraid they are going to be disappointed today because...I'm not going out in all this rain!

Wishing You All A Nice Cozy Evening...


  1. We are due rain on Saturday...I suspect it's this!
    Jane x

  2. restez bien à l'abri
    ronrons d'Opale et SOnye

  3. Cozy and warm is something we all need!

  4. It has been a harsh Winter here, that started early and has not let up...freezing rain and snow, wind and subzero temps. Be careful!

  5. We are not big fans of crazy wether right now!

  6. We`ll not see rain for months yet, just snow when it is warm and more cold to come. Stay safe and indoors...those kitties should relax and enjoy having you there!

  7. The weather here has been weird too with ice and snow one minute then just rain and now we have high winds coming in for the weekend. Good for you, stay home where it warm and dry and enjoy the kitties.

  8. Good morning, Loretta! You weather sounds some like ours but we have not as yet had thunder. Yesterday and the night before we had freezing rain, today just rain. At least it has gotten a bit warmer and that is nice. Hope the weather improves for all of us very soon. Hugs

  9. We think it's wise for you to stay indoors in that weather! Our weather is pretty predictable. It's either hot and humid or hot, rainy and humid. ;)


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