Monday, January 27, 2014

After The Rain

Note: This post is from last week during the snow and when the internet was down. We are always excited to see the white stuff in Louisiana...home of droughts and heat waves!

  Then, came the snow! Hello Dear Friends...

 Folks around here are so excited when this happens although it is only enough to stick-stay...but pretty especially around this time
just before dark.

This is city park just down the street from our house

our upper-backyard 

And the lower backyard. It was 16 degrees in some lower areas and the wind was howling around the house at 35 mph. I was so cold when I got back inside it took almost an hour to stop shivering. As I type this it is 26 degrees now. Sunlight is just behind the clouds.
  We did get our internet back at a decent hour today that's a good thing. However, you know how that goes each day. We are in for another round of winter mix this week...

  On a good note... I'm doing something that I don't usually...and that's accept awards. However, this was so simple without time taken that we decided to accept/post them.

Thank you so much Speedy & Mum for thinking of us and for these most thoughtful awards.

The Girls offer their sincere thanks to you both. 

Sorry we are so late posting was because of our internet problems... 

Miss Kitty Izzy Ino & Loretta


  1. Yay!You're welcome just showing our appreciation!we haven't had the white stuff yet just wind and rain,some white stuff would make a change now,xx Speedy

  2. Do you wanna build a snowman~?
    It doesn't have to be a snowman~!
    (It could be a snow kitty or bun~)
    (From Frozen, my mama is obsessed with that movie...)

  3. Congratulations on your awards. Have a lovely week.

  4. We got snow over here too now , but that is usual over here :)

  5. Oh my Ceiling Cat - that looks beautiful but cold! Concatulations on your awards.

  6. Get warm and cozy, more is coming I hear!

  7. izzy & loretta...meowloz two ewe both ...nice two meet ewe...N conga ratz on yur awards !!!! we signed up ta follow ewe over heer N we hope it werkz coz google plus acts crazed sum times when ya haz blogger....let uz noe if ya ever want any mor snow...rite now we got enuff for like 80 bazillion acres !!!!! enjoy yur day :)

  8. Brrrr we have the real colds here too! Congratulations on your awards!

  9. Olá , obrigada por visitar o nosso blog.
    Parece que está muito frio onde vocês moram, que tal mandar um pouco desse frio para nós? hehehe
    Parabéns pelos prêmios!

  10. I could send you ours,if you want it,I'm done with it!
    Jane x

  11. bravo pour le prix,
    merci pour les belles images sous la neige.
    Laurence Opale et Sonye

  12. Concats on your awards kitties! They are pawsome and well deserved!

    We would send you some of our cold and snows if you like, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Dear Loretta, Congrats on the award. You are certainly a thoughtful and kind blogging friend and most certainly deserve it.
    It is very cold here too. The winds howled all weekend and we are in for another round of very cold weather. Please be careful with this cold. Stay safe and warm and be very careful.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  14. Oncats on your awards. Stay warm and safe!

  15. Congratulations for your awards! Here it snows every day and it is pretty cold now. Purrs! purrs!

  16. Sure wish we'd get some "wet stuff" here in California. We are in a drought and the small town I live in is severely restricting water use.

  17. We are glad your internet is behaving better now. Concats on your awards.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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