Friday, January 10, 2014

Human's Representation

Good Morning To All My Friends...Izzy here!

My Sister Kitty and I were in the bookshelf looking at some of Mum's books...Ino found this one that had "Cat Quotes" on it. Are you kidding me...this is suppose to be funny?

First of all...we would never knowingly be so stupid...This is definitely a false representation of FELINES! Yes, a travesty! 
  And, I want you humans to know...on behalf of all Felines...we protest such absurdity!


  1. Those doggies are very well behaved and loves kitties!
    They are K9 police dogs and pussycats has nothing to fear from them :)
    We know this from a reliable source!



  2. Yes mum knew this also...but from our viewpoint we were defending all Felines giving us a voice & protecting our interest...Miss Kitty

  3. But we cats are soooooo clever that we know doggies only do stuff if someone tells them to..that pic has no people to tell the doggies to do stuff, so they 'll probably just sit there until someone shouts "dinnertime"!!
    The REAL Maple syrup Mob xxxxx

    1. It is all said and done in good faith, right? Purrs...

  4. See, the dogs obey the kitty mind!

  5. Those doggies are sworn to obey the law. But we don'ts believe it either, it must be photoshopped.
    Happy Weekend.
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  6. Actually, I do think this is funny :-) Have a lovely Caturday.

  7. Cats need to sit up and be Heard!!!
    If the humans don't watch it we may call a boycott of all cat videos!
    Where will they be then, HAH!


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