Friday, February 1, 2013

A Word To The Wise...

Today is Friday...What does this mean to you? For
means the same as every other, sleep and be merry!  Miss Kitty...


Her (Peep) Big Sister: "Come on Miss Kitty...stop playing around and get back to the subject."

Miss Kitty: "What subject...I have no subject?"

Sister: "Mummy said you were to give me one of your 'word to the wise' sayings for me to post."

Miss Kitty: "You do it Sis...I'm sleepy."

Sister: "I'm calling Mum...!"

Miss Kitty: Alright, alright...blabber mouth...!  A Word To The Wise...
   " Anyone who believes what a Cat tells him, deserves all he gets..." Teee-Heeeee...get it!

Sister: "I don't know how Mum puts up with you and your sassy mouth... Ohhh!"

Miss Kitty: "Another one bites the dust!" Heeeee...

Good Morning,
  I'm posting for Mum today, and Dad will the weekend. She's not feeling well with that flu bug, and Kitty refuses to leave her. Dad says he will have to take her from her bedroom so she can get some rest. We'll have to see about thiss one!
  Thanks for stopping by to visit...we are glad you are here!

Have A Great Weekend...
Miss Kitty & Sister


  1. Have a great weekend too!


    Puurs fråm Smulan, Amanda and mom

  2. We are purring your Mom gets better really soon. Maybe you could purr her a lullaby?

  3. We love weekeds because it means more time with our humans. More time to cuddle on the couh and more time to play! Take care.Nosbuff

  4. Kitties have the best lives :)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. We are sovery sorry your mom has the flu. Tell her we are thinking of her
    Madi and mom

  6. Hope your mom feels better soon! She needs plenty of snuggles x

  7. Miss Kitty, if you don't know what day of the week it must be retired. Take good care of Mum, and wish her well from me!!


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