Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Thursday Lax

Dear Bloggers,
  How do you like this title...I have a lot more where this one sprung up! MOL!!
  Everyone listen up...Miss Kitty listen to weather today and a lot of us are in for a wing-dinger storm!!! 

  Peeps gave it a name but I forgot it. So, get ready to snuggle tight and make sure you have a good supply of fancy-feast water maybe some treats too stored in pantry; and two three more cozy blankets!!!

I get ready and wash up make sure all clean
to snuggle...

  Oh my...Miss Kitty did so much work getting ready for storm and starting to wash up... I get so tired! I take nap now 'cause me eyes are heavy...sleep closing them now...I stare to keep open. I...sleep... zzzzz!


  1. We have a storm called Sven in Sweden just now.



  2. Nite nite, Miss Kitty. We hope the storm doesn't do much damage.

  3. Oh Miss Kitty, you look adorable. Keep safe.

  4. Good job with the preparations, Miss Kitty. We sure hope you all stay warm and safe in that storm.

  5. Oh how well we know that glazed stare! MOL!!

  6. I hope that storm keeps away from you Miss Kitty.

  7. Stay snug and warm through the storm. We'll think warm thoughts for you from here in Florida.

  8. Thank yu' Flor-da Kitties!...Purrs...

  9. Stay safe and warm!

  10. We purr that the storm is not as bad as they are predicting.


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