Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Meow...Miss Kitty here... Click on the picture to see big.

 Mum and I were so thankful all day today because we had to spend the entire day out here when we had no power. We are so thankful it was raining and it was very pleasant and cool. 
  When Mum finally opened the door I run fast for my bed, that porch is too big and tall, I hide under bed 'til daddy comes home now! 

Miss Kitty


  1. c'est un bel endroit pour ce reposer.
    ronrons Miss Kitty
    bon retour à Papa

  2. We hope you power is back on so you can stay inside where it's smaller and not so scary for you Miss Kitty.
    Your porch is lovely however.

  3. That sure is a very nice porch! I hope your power came back home!!!

  4. You have a beautiful porch to enjoy, Miss Kitty! we're glad the weather was nice for you and your mom. We are always a bit scared to be outside.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. You have a lovely and big porch. Hope you came out fom under the bed to cudle daddy, when he was home :)
    Have a wonderful Friday!


    /Smulan, Amanda and mom Julia

  6. What a lovely lovely porch you have !
    Hope you have your power back by now :)

  7. Oh, what an absolutely lovely, enchanting porch! The perfect spot to sit out with coffee or tea in the morning, something cold to drink later!


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