Saturday, April 13, 2013

Miss Kitty's Play Time

  Miss Kitty loves cuddling with my dolls. She particularly love the first one because she's bigger with a big lap.

                                                    Click on pics to enlarge
Purring, Kitty tell her how much she loves her. She calls her... Sister. One afternoon I notice Kitty examining her...first time I've seen her do this. Suddenly I heard...

"Mummy...where's she toes? No toes Mummy...Her no walk with no toes!"...

With a great deal of  explaining through her tears and sniffs Miss Kitty finally accepts my explanation. However,  she didn't feel like playing anymore. "I So Sad Mummy." She said quietly. 

"I know Kitty...I think Mummy may have had the same feelings when I first saw my doll's feet!"
 "I tired now Mummy, Miss Kitty take nap."

Life throws each one of us a curve sometimes, including Miss Kitty.  It it left up to everyone to be able to handle whatever they are to the end they come out stronger than before. ..A life's lesson learned!... 

UPDATE: Yes, her toes are in her socks...but Kitty didn't realize she was wearing them, that concept she didn't understand...socks!  That's why she thought she didn't have toes...


  1. You are a sweet kitty. Have a great nap.

  2. Lovely dolls and lovely Miss Kitty :)
    Have a nice Caturday!



  3. Were the dolls toes hiding in her socks?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Aww cute photo's with the dolls. I love them.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Oh glad to hear that the doll's toes are not gone. Just under those socks. Great pictures. Those dolls look like great friends to have. Take care.

  6. Miss Kitty, we think you've made a new friend!

  7. Miss Kitty you have very good taste in dolls probably because you are such a doll!
    hugs madi your BFFF

  8. My cats have always had trouble with the concept of socks and shoes too. Miss Kitty is so pretty.

  9. Happy Caturday, Miss Kitty! We think you look adorable resting in your doll's lap.

  10. I think Miss Kitty may have been disappointed because she wanted to nibble on those toes?


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