Sunday, January 13, 2013


Good Sunday Afternoon,
 Hope you are having a purrfect day! We had scads of rain last eve, with a nasty thunder storm that knocked out power and downed trees. The temp was around 79 degrees it is in the 30's with NW winds, that makes it very cold here in the South today, Ugh!

  All the pets have been sleeping just about the entire morning with the exception of, you guessed it...Miss Kitty!

  Here she is on the bed in the Bunny Room, where I was lying down reading and she curled up with me there. If you'd look closer in the back of her, I tried hiding my magazine from her underneath the stack of sheets folded from doing laundry.
  We went into the kitchen to eat lunch, and I cleared the table before coming back into the bedroom. Well, I was going to finish the magazine however,  I found it in shreds on the bed. She was acting so innocent...washing up and stopping to look up at me.
 Me: "Kitty, what have you done to my book?" Her dad was picking up the shreds of paper,  and defending her.
Me: "Kitty, you are not to touch my books again!" I said knowing it was in vain. She was as cool as a cucumber as I left the room steaming, "Ugh, that child"...

Miss Kitty:"That's right, I yo' child, and there's nothing yu' can do about it!"
Me: Daddy, did you hear that...that smarty-pants-mouth! Did you hear it?

Me: "Ugh!"
Oh, what am I going to do with her...I have to laugh with them to keep from crying!
  We sure hope you all have had a wonderful week and your Sunday has been inspirational and peaceful. Thank you so much for stopping by and we invite you to come again to visit, because we love having you here.
Warmest Regards,

Loretta & James (Her parents)
and of course...Miss Kitty


  1. Hello Miss Kitty
    we slept all day except for evening play.we had no magazine
    Opale et SOnye

  2. mol! Your mom shouldn't have left the magazine there, huh Miss Kitty? :D Besides, if she didn't actually see you do anything, you're innocent - that's a Cat Rule :D

    Pip, SMidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  3. Me thinks your mom was just asking for it, Miss Kitty!!

    Just to say that commenting is fine on your blog. Thanks for coming by today :)

  4. Oh that Miss Kitty can be a nix-nox!!!


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