Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Kitty & Lovey

                                                     Lovey, my Shih Tzu

Miss Kitty and how she feels about Lovey...

  Her is, eh...sister. The girl kept lookin' away, so mummy couldn' get her mug. Who wants to see her mug anyway...
I bigger and i jump on her back and pull tail...she hates it...
 Mummy says she will get that mug later (i say mug)...
by then, I have mug fixed...with scratches, and i rip out them bows too... i no lik' Lovey...her sit in Mummy's lap too much!

i show ol' Lovey...



  1. Way to go Lovey!

    Woo need to make 'em work fur the shots!


  2. Sine she is such a little woffie I think you should be nice to her !!

  3. Hello lovley, you are so cute!
    Hi Miss Kitty we are SO happy to meet you and thank you for stopping by our blog :) You are a very cute kitty and we will start following your blog :)
    Have a pawsome Sunday sweet girl xoxo


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