Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miss Kitty Caught In The Act

Good Morning furriends,

  I had to share this with you...do you see the wide-eyes of this culprit? The paw is quicker than the eye...

I have to admit, this pic doesn't portray the actual offense, but the facial expression gives this young lady away with guilt written all over it. 
Actual place of offense: The Kitchen
Where it took place: The Refrigerator
The perp is acussed of: Sneaking/snatching
How does the perp plead: Not guilty...

Me: "Alright...what is your defense young Lady?"
Miss Kitty: "I not guilty...I was want a snack."

Me: "So what did you do?"
Miss Kitty: "I open door and said to myself... I wonder if there any more meatloaf in here?"
Me: "But, Miss Kitty, you didn't just wonder, you ate it...you ate it all! What do you have to say about that young Lady?"

Miss Kitty: Meow..."Miss Kitty plead the fifth!"

Me: "That's what I get for letting her watch Matlock!"


  1. You OPENED the refrigerator door? Wow! We need to learn that!

  2. Well done Miss Kitty!!! We hope it was yummie...

    Smulan, Amanda aun mom

  3. Miss Kitty is very clever, but not that much! Lol. Our old refrig's door doesn't close very well and she can easily access it with her quick paw. That's why we have purchased another and the old one is waiting to be shipped out! Luv you guys!
    Her Mummy

  4. Nice work! Just the way to go! Nosbuff

  5. I sure hope Miss Kitty doesn't end up with a big tummy ache:-)

  6. HaHa! Good job Miss Kitty! Adorable!!

  7. I'll tell ya' Miss Kitty, if there was meatloaf in the fridge at my house, I'd eat it all too!!! Nothing better than meatloaf!!!

  8. mol! ::high paw::

    Are you sure it was Miss Kitty, or just somecat that looked like Miss Kitty ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  9. That's pretty impressive Ms. Kitty! How was that meatloaf? Bad kitty.


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