Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lovey & Kitty Have-At-It

I noticed Lovey and Kitty close together today, which is totally unlike them...I can never get a pic of them together because of Kitty's lust for power (to be top-dog.)  
They looked as if they were in conversation, however...
I heard Lovey growls of disapproval. 

Then, true to form, I heard Miss Kitty's words to Lovey...
  "If I needed your opinion, I would have e-mailed you!"

Lovey's response was the deepest growl I've ever heard from her, and they were done so with daggers in her eyes. Are things coming to a head? Is Lovey finally ready to take her position? Will Kitty allow her to reign?

  The plot thickens....!

Update: Miss Kitty is still hiding under the bed! Looks like that smarty pants mouth finally got her in trouble...! 


  1. We´re waiting for more updates.. NOsbuff

  2. MOL MOL MOL WTG Miss Kitty
    Good thing you and Lovey are about the same size. Mom cackled at 'send you and email'!!! Just between you and me we all know cats rule and dogs drool, and in spite of their drool we still love them.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  3. the plot thickens... Baby girl is feeling better, about 2 hours ago she started to come back to her normal self after 3 days of looking like she might die...

  4. Well, we cats know who rules!

    heh heh...

  5. Alway´s the cat´s lust to be THE top-dog :)

  6. Always and forever rooting for the dog.

  7. We bet we know who rules the roost! MOL! Have a happy Monday!

  8. Isn't it understood that kitties ARE Top-Dog? MOL.


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