Friday, January 18, 2013

Kitty's Long Nap

  I know Miss Kitty hates to be bothered when she's napping...
But I just could not resist the chance to get back at her for waking me so darn early every morning... listen in!

Me: Throwing open the curtains and blinds... "Miss Kitty, time to wake up...the sun is shining...rise-and-shine young lady!"

  She lift her head slowly and blinked her eyes. Did I detect something in those squinted eyes! Oh boy, here it comes...

Miss Kitty: "Wha...what yu'...what the heck does she want now?" She said yawning and looking upset.

Me: "I said...rise and shine Miss Kitty!"

Miss Kitty: "I heard yu...i'll rise, but I didn't say I was  gonna shine!"...   I digress...


  1. Oh Miss Kitty I feel your pain and disgust at your Mom's attempt to wake you. Bless your heart I hope you find a suitable place away from your crazy mom so that you can get your nap.
    Hugs madi

  2. Miss Kitty you should not put up with that treatment! lol I think someone needs to be worken up much earlier. :) Skipper.

  3. Waking you before you are ready deserves the back of disrespect.

  4. Did she growl at you? What a lazy bones cat!!

  5. I hope you gave her the stink eye!!!

  6. Hello Miss Kitty,
    Thank you for being our new follower.

    It must have been so terrible to be woke up so early. Maybe you will be able to take an extra nap today.


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