Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can't A Body Get Some Rest

Not according to a assertive Tuxedo cat named Miss Kitty-Kelly!

Me: Yawning, "I am so tired...just 2 minutes, that's all I need!"

Miss Kitty: She was watching from her window perch as her Mummy began to nod...she lay her head down and fell asleep quickly. 
 Purposely, Miss Kitty inched closer, and with the loudest of her voice she could muster, she blared, "Mummy, wake up...yo' gots work to do!!"  Teeheee...purr!

Me: "I-am-going-to-kill-that-cat!!!"


  1. Miss Kitty-Kelly was just making sure you didn't nap a second over 2 minutes!

  2. It´s nice to take a nap but only when we think the time is right.Nosbuff

  3. LOL! Get up mommy! It's time to play. I would want to kill her too.

  4. way to keep your mom in line, Miss Kitty :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. It is always like that around here. Cats sleep when we work and think we should be awake when they are. Hugs and nose kisses


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