Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday's Chase

Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here...

Mum tol' me I would have so much funny if I would only allow Izzy to become my friend...  and boy was she right!

My Sisters chase me all over house. We run everywhere and Mum only said don't break...

Ino run in mum sewing room...her knock down everything and scratch mum's books
her so tired her sit on containers and just look at us...she no move at all! I try to make her play more but she no play...

Izzy so fat her fell on mum's bed and went to sleep...mum say let her sleep and then she will run with you again. 
  Know what...Miss Kitty lub much fun! Dad bought catnip toys and boy was it good...we had burning energy and run like wind.
  Mum say her clean up later because her tired too...Izzy kept sleep on her broke leg and it swollen from her weight...what's that?

Dad will post tomorrow...him say come on back to see what happening at our house with all them girls and 1 man... 

Miss Kitty & Sisters


  1. How fun that you play catch :)
    I have no sisfur or brofur to chase :(
    But my mom-person is a pretty good substitut :)

  2. That's fantastic news about you girls having fun together!

  3. Hooray Miss Kitty! I told you sisters were fun. Now if they only thought brothers were fun!

  4. We are so glad you're having so much fun together! :)

  5. Miss Kitty I love love love your header!!
    OMCs you have a sister now. She is white where you are black and black where you are white. lots of hugs madi your bfff

  6. I am glad you are having fun with your sisters.

  7. Looks like you are all having fun together.

    Happy New Year.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  8. Awww sweetie, you are so lucky to have a sisfur. I wish I had someone to run and chase and play with. M & D try, but it just isn't quite the same as a sisfur or brover.

  9. We're glad to hear that you and your sisters are getting along so well!

  10. I came by to say Happy New Year with love x

  11. Glad to see that your new sisters are settling in and you'e all getting on. Hope you have a great New Year together

  12. Hooray! We is so happy to hear you and your new sisfurs are getting along so well. Lots of fun for you and mom and dad, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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