Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey Everybody!

 This is James the hubster on here this morning...

  It has been a while since I posted on these blogs...but I knew it would be no rest for the weary if I didn't say something.
  Yesterday was my last day of driving-n- a-hauling...and boy...I'm a happy soul. Now, I hope I can get some rest with all my little darlings running around but I'm a doubting it.
  Ya'll know they's some big gals...I asked Loretta what she fed them...moose bear because thems some hefty critters. Just look at this picture Loretta took...

This one here is Izzy. I told her she needed to call her something else cause i can't say that 
new fangle stuff they come out wit' nowadays. 
This one here is who ever heard a name like this one. Sucks what ever happened to Bill Sam or Sally Sue and Billy
Bob...but that's what folks do these days.
  I guess you folks wanna know what this old man say about all these little ones in the house. Loretta knows me better than I know myself. I got a soft spot in my old ticker for them little ones. 

I woke up the other night feeling a load on my bad knee I thought what-the-heck, and there Izzy was with all that weight on my knee. I got a heavy voice so I have to be careful not to scare them. So, I had to suck-up and take it!! My knee hurted all day. Hehee!

 I wish more folks out there would open up their heart and doors to love there little ones. Loretta is an old softy if it was left up to her she would fill the house wit 'em. 

  But , as long as I can help wit feeding and caring we'll gonna take care of these babies  Good Lord willing! Well folks, Loretta told me not to be long winded so, I better listen to that ole' gal before that double barrel shotgun gits pushed up'ginst my back. Heee-Heeeee...that woman is mighty feisty let me tell ya' but we been married  for over 32 years and better, and we'll still kicking strong and loving what we do!  
  Some of the kids have made it in and it is so noisy here I can't here a thing!  Lordy...I don't think I can take it!
  Ya'll have a good holiday and be kind to one another. The weather is startin' up again, bad here and if yours' is careful and keep yourself bundle up, wear a hat so the heat can stay inside...
 I'm gonna go now and git a cup of coffee and a piece of Loretta's pie...I gotta stop her and git her of that leg...let them girls git in that kitchen some now. 

  Ya'll take care now,
This is James here today... See Ya' Soon!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you there young lady and a good day to you too!

  2. Dear James, so glad to see your post and just write as long as you want. How could you not love these sweeties! Wishes for all for a great weekend!

    1. Hey there Carol nice to hear from you again. Yeah, we love these two. You have a good weekend yourself!

  3. It was nice hearing from you and I hope you have the best family time ever!

    1. Hey there good buddy good to be here. Too many here and the noise is killing me but I'm a happy man...Thank you for coming by.

  4. What cute cats. Have yo’self a Merry Christmas!

  5. We love a man who lets a kitty snuggle however they want...all night! James, you c'mon back soon!

  6. Hey there young Lady...I think Loretta tol' me the same...ain't I a big ole' softy...heee- heeee! I stay on the road so when I have some time off...I reckon I'll be back again! Ya'll take care now..ya' hear!...

  7. Love the kitteh photos. Super cute! Merry Christmas!

  8. We can't wait to learn more about Izzy and Eno!

  9. Hi James! That's what I like to hear, you don't worry about your own discomfort if it means the kitty can sleep in peace. You all have a Merry Christmas.
    From Jackie and Flynn

  10. Hi James, nice to meet you :) You got it right about keeping still if a kitty is asleep on you. We kitties sure pick our places!! Merry Christmas xx


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