Friday, December 20, 2013

Disagreement Among Sisters

Good Morning All,

Miss Kitty is hiding underneath the bed today. When she heard the girls arguing over the cat tree... 

she high-tailed it out of there fast! E-no, the one on the floor dominated the tree the entire day yesterday. Now, Izzy is in it today.

  To tell you the truth...Kitty wasn't the only one running. When I heard the hissing and that low almost baritone growling, the hair rose on my arms and the nape of my neck! I never heard such a fierce disagreement among any sisters like this! It actually sounds like wild animals. I had to remind myself of their lineage!

We are experiencing this crazy weather in Louisiana again... temp high today 86! Rain, storms expected with tornadoes in the forecast...then it gets cold again! Oh Boy...

Come on back tomorrow and join us as my husband James post and tell you about the new additions to our family. You will enjoy his wit and vernacular...until then...

Warmest Wishes,
Loretta & The Girls...   


  1. Lots of excitement at your house. Have a great day Miss Kitty.

  2. Yes Yes it is...I am so excited... XX

  3. Oh yea, tis the season at your place!

  4. It sounds like there are some settling-in pains at your house as everybody figures out their terrories.

  5. We have lots of hissing and growling going on too so we completely understand!

  6. My goodness! I am away for a few days and what happens? An influx of kitties!! What a gorgeous duo they are and what a surprise!! You are going to be very busy with all your visitors!! have a great Christmas and we love your blog header :) xox


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