Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy Easy Sunday

See Update at end of Post...

  Dear Bloggers, Miss Kitty here, at last... 
All everyone gone back home now!!!

  Mum would say Miss Kitty time for your easy and I not want it but...

  Today I glad for the more running from that galloping pony who try catch us...
but him not can do that!
   My sister Izzy say her easy feels good on mum's bed...that's her up there... 

Ino was under bed so mum tol' me use old picture...her still not too friendly always whapping even the telephone man when him fix phone. Dad laughed at the man cause him yelled out loud! 
  Mum is cooking dinner today...her say her tired of all that food that was cooked wrong for them so, back to their health food...what's that? Oh...Dad say hello to everyone...I luv dad...him cool! 
  Well mum say don't hold you up too long cause you get easy too...see you soon!!

Miss Kitty, Izzy Ino Lovey & Amanda All Girls say... Have a Wonderful Easy Sunday...

Update! I'd like to apologize about the comments not see, instead of me clicking publish I clicked a dummie last night when I should have been in bed...So...Sorry....!  


  1. bon repos Miss Kitty
    bonne nuit
    Opale et SOnye

  2. It sounds like your holiday was very busy Miss Kitty. We think you deserve a nice long nap.
    Don't worry about Ino, she will come around. Miss Cindi has been here the longest and she still whaps strangers too. MOL!

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    Hope you had a nice easy. Beautiful photos!

  4. relax and unwind ,just take it easy.......zzzzzzzzzzz


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