Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miss Kitty's Words of Wisdom

Sweetie we haven't done a 'words of wisdom' post in a while...what do you say...you want to give me a good one to post?

NO!! I tired...go away!! Okay but you are really being an awfully naughty little Kitty lately.
 I suppose I was wrong to spoil you...letting you have your way with everything.

"To me Mum...everything you do is
good and interesting!" 

Yeah Kitty I suppose so, especially if its to your benefit, right?  
                             I knowwwwww...!


  1. Oh Miss Kitty, do you have your Mum wrapped around your little paw? You are so charming, it's no wonder.

  2. Maybe it's the "tongue of wisdom"? MOL!

    Cute pic!


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