Saturday, April 6, 2013

When Kitty's Away The Mouse Will Play

Mummy Loretta here...
  Well, you know who the mouse is! LOL!   Miss Kitty's granny called and wanted her to spend the night again... says she wanted to have some fun with her...go figure! She loves watching Kitty's be sure Kitty knows how to turn the charm on!
  My husband James and I wanted to share our gardens with you today...A little Spring are a few photos I took around 5:30 AM in the dark while cold and raining.
  Click on the pics to enlarge Enjoy!...

The photos of Daffs are from the several varieties in the garden. I tool only close-ups because they didn't do very well  en-mass this year.

My Dogwood and multi-colored Azaleas encircles it on back lawn

Close up of my Pink Azaleas They are also a huge mass of color on back lawn

In the right garden are red & white azaleas that have grown together and created a mass of blooms

These white ones are from the massive bush below that's on the left of our house. Brick stair is just in front that leads to the drive.

  A shot from the front show how a good trimming is needed after blooming! We haven't worked on the lawn as you can see...and the porch is in need of sprucing. 

Rain cold and windy weather keeps us inside and unable to do much outside. However, we did brave the cold and did a huge pick-up of limbs and debris. 

Finally, a shot of the Dogwood while the rain poured!

We sure hope you enjoyed our little tour...we have so many more photos, but thought it best to limit them today. We still have the Summer gardens to come and the vegetable gardens. 
  Kitty is very particular about her blog and content, so we shall see. Wishing you a Wonderful and Peaceful Saturday!
We have posted more on our second blog on the Garden pare if you would like to see. Go
  Thanks so much for visiting...

All The Best,
James & Loretta


  1. You have a lovely garden - ours is only small and so it is paved with some stones too. Mum loves azaleas and wishes there was room here for some. We still have a little snow left in the garden and Mum hopes to trim the winter jasmines back before long but has been too cold to be outside - many weeks below zero degrees.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Miss Kitty you had a sleep over....dang..I think you are the only kitty I know who has ever done that with your G-ma!!

    Your garden is gorgeous and is such amazing bloom. I think our Dogwoods will be in full bloom in about a week. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  3. Gosh, all your flowers are so pretty and I am so jealous of all your azaleas. I used to live in Charleston, S.C. and there were so many azaleas there. I can't grow them here now. Miss Kitty, you are too cute, going to grandmothers for a little fun. Love your blog.

  4. WOW! Everything sure looks nice. We need to post some pics of our weeds MOL!

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our bloggie! Of course, then we had to come visit you and oh, Teri said she should go out and take some photos of our daffodils, too. It has been a loverly weekend here in VA with us enjoying window whiffin' between naps.

    Teri said Dogwoods might just be her favorite flower! She would love to take down the pesky fake cherry or whatever it is in our front yard and plant a Dogwood.

  6. Just beautiful! I love daffs. Promise of spring and lovely warm weather. You have a beautiful garden xx

  7. Wow! Your flowers are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us since we don't have any flowers yet.

  8. I can only say -WOW!!

    What a great garden (and house ).I love all the colours... and gonnna visited the another blog .Have a nice sunday..

  9. I can only say -WOW!!

    What a great garden (and house ).I love all the colours... and gonnna visited the another blog .Have a nice sunday..

  10. Some wonderfur pictures. You have a very green thumb, hands even!


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