Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fat Lady...

Kitty is very self-conscience about her weight
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Just the other day she told me, "Mum if you wanna' look thinner...hang around the Fat Cat Lady!"... point taken!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who went through the same storms that hit us the day before. Seemingly, it was more damage going to the East Coast. We wish you all well and good health, especially our blogging friends!

All The Best....
Loretta & Miss Kitty


  1. I think you look purrfect!!! The storms were here, but we got lucky, no damage.

  2. Wow, that kitty needs to be on a diet! I need to show my human that photo and then she will realized I don't need to be on a diet!

  3. Yes, I know what you mean, Ms. Kitty!

    The KT Mom

  4. Disco is kinda self-conscious about his girth, too...but he is on a diet again and so far has lost about 10 ounces in 2 months, so as much as he yells about being starved...he will be healthier in the end.

    Teri says the 2 extra pounds he is toting around would be like a human lugging around 20 extra pounds, or a tub of cat litter!

    Teri says she's about that much too fat, too, hahameow!

  5. Well next to that kitty you look very slim and kyoot!
    But you did that all on your own!

  6. We think you look very svelte next to that kitty! :)

  7. It's all a matter of degree!! That is one overweight kitty!!!

  8. Even without the Fat Kitty photo you are quite slim and elegant Miss Kitty.

    I'm glad to hear you came through the storms with no serious damage. We are having high winds today but nothing like you had.


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