Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Sunday...Hello!

Hello...we are back home!

   Have we missed you all! Granny is better now. We just couldn't leave her, especially since she'd fallen and kept it hid from Mummy. She said she had vertigo...I not know what it is...I guess it some kind of stomach thing cause she needed help to go to the potty-room. 
   Mummy stayed, cooked, clean, wash granny clothes...and granny too! Then, she read to us and fussed because Granny didn't eat or drink...she took her to the vet and Mum said he shot her in the butt. Granny was grumpy... and fussed all the way home. It was soo funny...
  Granny started to get better everyday. Gee, peeps are she get well with a shot up the butt? Anyway,  now she play with Miss Kitty and take me in her lap where I like to be. Feel sooo good...
  We have to check on her everyday cause the vet said she- no-spring-chicken...she 84 and that's an old-gal! What's a gal? Wow, I never see cat that old! 
  Mummy say she get nap now and will see you Tuesday...oh I so glad cause I miss you all. (Mummy won't let me name you all she said it will blow up the computer...Mol...she so funny.

Take care have Easy Sunday...Miss Kitty & Mum 


  1. Oh boy, your mummy was busy! But we're glad you're back! Hope your Granny keeps getting better, and no more hiding if something happens, yikes!

  2. We're so glad your grammy is doing better. We hope she continues to improve.

  3. Miss Kitty you are funny!! I hope Granny will be better very soon!! xx

  4. Oh my we sure hope your Grandma is feeling better. And we were very happy to see you post again!

  5. Glad your Granny is better and glad you guys are back!...Have a great Tuesday, darling friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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