Sunday, March 17, 2013

Missy Kitty Is Filled With Remorse

  Kitty is not the same since the ordeal this week. It is so hard for her to communicate with me, and when she looks at me, her golden eyes are sooo sad.

I've tried to reassure her all is well...but she's very remorseful. She covers her face in shame each time I try to reach out to her, as you can see in the photo.

Kitty: "I sad Mummy...Kitty sorry...I run away from yu!"
  Me: "Yes Baby, I know but, everything is okay now, you are back home safe with all of us. Mummy loves you so much honey...there's no need for you to be sad or ashamed!"

Kitty: "Mummy not upset with Mis' Kitty?"

Me: "No! Mummy was upset only because I thought you would get hurt outside, since you've never been alone out there. And, I thought you would get lost and I couldn't find you. I wasn't upset with you Kitty,  just worried!"

Kitty: "I not run away ever again Mummy...I sorry Mummy Mis' Kitty luv yu'....

Me: "Oh really know how to tug on my heart strings...."


  1. So glad she's home, safe and sound. purrs

  2. Poor baby, so glad she is back safe. Must have been very traumatic for her and for you.

  3. The Baby once got out for 48 hours and it felt like YEARS!

  4. Oh No miss kitty...thank goodness you found your way home to safety and Mom's loving arms.
    Hugs Madi

  5. we hope you don't run away again! Happy St Pat's

    Cats of wildcat woods


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