Friday, March 1, 2013

Her Dream Is To Be...

   Good Morning to Everyone, I often wonder if you think Miss Kitty and I really have a special relationship. Well...

what I'm about to share with you leaves no doubt, especially if you are a believer. Being a feline person, I have no doubts that you will belive what I'm telling you...

  Miss Kitty is always putting things into my know, the way they stare right at the middle of your forehead, and how things seem to just come to your mind...afterwards, leaving you with thoughts, something knowledgable, and a monstrous headache!

  Last eve, we had just such experience. Kitty wanted me to know what her dreams are...what she dreams of most. I couldn't process this at the beginning, however, we kept up the consversation and this is what happened:

Kitty: "Mummy if I show you would you believe what I dream of being."

Me: " Okay."    

See Mummy, I want to be a "Big White Cat" so I can roarrrr!

Me: Oh baby, what a dream! You know, we all have huge dreams just as yours'... and there isn't anything wrong with having big dreams. 
  Miss Kitty, you are a big cat honey, right here in your heart.  And, with're her big beautiful sweetheart!"


  1. We know you are och big white cat cause that´s what´s in your heart that counts.Nosbuff

  2. It's's what is in your heart that counts. So if in your heart you are a big white cat that roars...well then, that is just wonderful!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  3. And what a beautiful big white cat you'll make, Miss Kitty!

  4. I think your mom is glad that you are a BIG white cat just inside :)

  5. or....maby it tell you I'm a big cat and need big hugs!

  6. ça c'est un beau rêve mais tu es déjà un très beau chat Miss Kitty,
    Opale et Sonye

  7. Deep inside you are that big white kitty. All of my babies channel their ancestors periodically and pretend they are prowling the savanna in search of game (usually bugs).


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